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UDV(1)							     NCBI Tools User's Manual							    UDV(1)

udv - OneD-Viewer for biological sequences SYNOPSIS
udv is a standalone viewer for biological sequences. OPTIONS
The National Center for Biotechnology Information. SEE ALSO
Cn3D(1), ddv(1), <> NCBI
2001-10-05 UDV(1)

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INSDSEQGET(1)						     NCBI Tools User's Manual						     INSDSEQGET(1)

insdseqget - format sequences from GenBank as an XML INSDSet SYNOPSIS
insdseqget [-] [-d filename] [-i filename] [-m n/p/b] [-n] [-o filename] [-v] DESCRIPTION
insdseqget retrieves biological sequence data from GenBank (according to an input list of GI accession numbers) and prints it out as an XML INSDSet document. OPTIONS
A summary of options is included below. - Print usage message -d filename Input file name for date list (desired accessions, one per line, followed by a blank line and a list of allowed dates, also one per line) -i filename Input file name for GI list (default = stdin) -m n/p/b Molecule type: n Nucleotide (default) p Protein b Both -n Return only new records (for which the given GI refers to an old version) -o filename Output file name for the XML INSDSet (default = stdout) -v Fetch SNP Variations AUTHOR
The National Center for Biotechnology Information. SEE ALSO
asn2gb(1), gbseqget(1). NCBI
2006-04-14 INSDSEQGET(1)
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