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timblserver(1) [debian man page]

timblserver(1)						      General Commands Manual						    timblserver(1)

timblserver - Tilburg Memory Based Learner Server SYNOPSYS
timblserver [TiMBL options] [Server options] timblserver --config=configfile [--pidfile=pfile] [--logfile=lfile] [--daemonize=val] DESCRIPTION
timblserver extends simbl with a server layer. It provides the possibility to access one timbl instance from multiple sessions. It also allows running and accessing different timbl instances in parallel. OPTIONS
The server options are --config=file read server settings from file --pidfile=file store the pid of the main server process in file --logfile=file log server actions to file --daemonize=[yes|no] run the server as a daemon. Default is yes. -S <port> run the server on 'port' (deprecated) -C <num> set maximum number of parallel connections to 'num' (deprecated) all timbl options are documented in timbl(1) BUGS
possibly AUTHORS
Ko van der Sloot Antal van den Bosch SEE ALSO
timbl(1) 2011 march 21 timblserver(1)

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timblclient(1)						      General Commands Manual						    timblclient(1)

timblclient - a simple client to access the Tilburg Memory Based Learner Server SYNOPSYS
timblclient -h host -p port [-i inputfile] [-i outputfile] [--batch] [-b basename] DESCRIPTION
timblclient connects to a TimblServer on 'host':'port' and sends it the normal instructions. (see timblserver ) OPTIONS
The timblclient options are -i inputfile a series of timblserver commands. When BATCH is specified, inputfile is supposed to be a 'normal' Timbl testfile. Every line is send to the timblserver as a 'clas- sify' command. Default is stdin. -o outputfile Where to put the results. Default is stdout. --batch When --batch is specified, the input from 'inputfile' is not interpreted as timblserver commands, but as instances that will be send 'as is' prepended by a classify instruction. -h host connect to the server on 'host' -p port connect to 'port' on 'host' -b basename set the base in TimblServer to 'base' BUGS
This is just a simple testprogram, and rather clumsy. AUTHORS
Ko van der Sloot SEE ALSO
timbl(1) timblserver(1) 2011 march 28 timblclient(1)
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