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sisinstall(1) [debian man page]

sisinstall(1)							   User commands						     sisinstall(1)

sisinstall - simple command line program for installing packaged programs or libraries on the Psion. SYNOPSIS
sisinstall [-h] [-V] [-n] [-v level] [long-options] FILE DESCRIPTION
sisinstall installs a packaged program or library from a sis file to a Psion machine. It requires the ncpd to be running already to pro- vide access to the Psion machine over the serial port. OPTIONS
-V, --version Display the version and exit -h, --help Display a short help text and exit. -n, --dryryn Just parse the sis file, don't touch the Psion machine. -v, --verbose=level Specify the log level. Level 0 is the default, and is pretty quiet. Level 1 provides detailed information on the data that is read. Level 2 is rather verbose, and is mostly meant for debugging. BUGS
Ignores dependency records in the sis file. SEE ALSO
ncpd(8), plpfuse(8), plpprintd(8), plpftp(1) AUTHOR
Written by Daniel Brahneborg ( Psion communication based on plpftp by Fritz Elfert ( plptools 1.0.9 2007/12/26 sisinstall(1)

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plpftp(1)							   User commands							 plpftp(1)

plpftp - FTP-like program for manipulating files on the Psion. SYNOPSIS
plpftp [-h] [-V] [-p [host:]port] [long-options] [ FTP-command [parameters]] DESCRIPTION
plpftp provides an FTP style interface for the psion. It requires the ncpd to be running already to provide access to the serial port. plpftp has online help. To see the available commands start the program and enter "help". OPTIONS
-V, --version Display the version and exit -h, --help Display a short help text and exit. -p, --port=[host:]port Specify the host and port to connect to (e.g. The port where ncpd is listening on) - by default the host is and the port is looked up in /etc/services. If it is not found there, a builtin value of 7501 is used. FTP-command parameters Allows you to specify an plpftp command on the command line. If specified, plpftp enters non interactive mode and terminates after executing the command. SEE ALSO
ncpd(8), plpfuse(8), plpprintd(8), sisinstall(1) AUTHOR
Fritz Elfert Heavily based on p3nfsd by Rudolf Koenig ( and plp_1_7 by Philip Proudman (phil@proud- Man page by John Lines ( plptools 1.0.9 2007/12/26 plpftp(1)
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