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sb2-session(1) [debian man page]

sb2-session(1)						       sb2-session man page						    sb2-session(1)

sb2-session - manage scratchbox2 sessions SYNOPSIS
sb2-session is used to create attachable scratchbox2 sessions. You can save session even when you haven't done '-S session' during sb2 startup. Note that you can give parameters to attach command which are passed verbatim to sb2. If there is only one session to attach, it is selected automatically. If no command is given, help text is printed. COMMANDS
help shows help text save saves current session list lists detached sb2 sessions delete SESSION deletes given session attach [SESSION [PARAMS]] attaches to a given session setenv VARIABLE VALUE store a value for an environment variable showenv show stored environment variables EXAMPLES
Basic usage is: [SB2 .. ] $ sb2-session save # save session [SB2 .. ] $ ^D # exit Later we can then attach to this session: % sb2-session attach If there are more than one saved session, then: % sb2-session list session.XXXX TARGET_ARM My Comment session.YYYY TARGET_ARM My Comment 2 session.ZZZZ TARGET_MIPS % sb2-session attach session.YYYY Here we pass '-eR' to sb2 and we only have one saved session: % sb2-session attach -- -eR '--' marks end of parameter list for sb2-session. setenv VARIABLE VALUE can be used to add environment variables, that will become active when a saved session is later taken into use (either by sb2-session attach or by sb2 -J). setenv VARIABLE VALUE does not change environment of sessions that are already active. showenv lists environment variable settings which have been stored with this tool. It does not show environment variables from other sources. SEE ALSO
sb2(1) AUTHOR
Mika Westerberg 2.2 21 December 2010 sb2-session(1)

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sb2-logz(1)							 sb2-logz man page						       sb2-logz(1)

sb2-logz - sb2 log postprocessing tool SYNOPSIS
sb2-logz [options] < logfile DESCRIPTION
sb2-logz reads logs created by scratchbox2 and writes summaries (the log files can be really huge, and manually digging out information from them might be a time-consuming task). Logs are produced when sb2 is executed with -d (debug) or -L options (e.g. "-L info") OPTIONS
-b no blacklist: do not ignore log lines from functions like __xstat() (there is a built-in blacklist, which tries to minimize "noise" caused by various libraries and scratchbox2 itself) -B fn1,fn2,.. blacklist funcions fn1,fn2,..: ignore lines generated by the listed library calls. -d level debug mode, for debugging the script itself. -h show help text. -i print details about 'disabled' pathnames (unmodifed paths, because mapping was momentarily disabled) -l print long details (affects output of -i,-m,-r,-p etc) -m print details about mapped pathnames (src->dest) -N print all 'notice' messages -p print details about passed pathnames ('passed path' = not mapped) -r print reversed mappings (dest->src) -s print process statistics -v verbose mode, prints dots while reading input etc. -P write process diagram to (postprocess it with 'dot', e.g. 'dot -Tpdf >file.pdf' -E write execution diagram to (postprocess it with 'dot', e.g. 'dot -Tpdf >file.pdf' -A acct-file Read process accounting information from acct-file (enhances output of -P and -E)' BUGS
Option -A requires an accounting log, which has to be activated separately. Generation of accounting information typically requires super- user privileges (or CAP_SYS_PACCT capability on Linux). This is an system-level restriction, and not fault of scratchbox2. However, sb2-logz has some limitations: Correlating information from the accounting log is based on process ids, and the heuristics may fail if there were really many processes; The -P, -E and -A options may be less useful for longer runs. Best results are achieved if process accounting is switched on just before the scratchbox2 session is created, and switched off afterwards - and there is nothing else running on the host at the same time. SEE ALSO
sb2(1), sb2-config(1), sb2-init(1), acct(2), dot(1) ( dot belongs to the graphviz package) AUTHOR
Lauri Aarnio 2.2 17 December 2010 sb2-logz(1)

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