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nxproxy(1) [debian man page]

nxproxy(1)							     NX Proxy								nxproxy(1)

nxproxy - NX Proxy Tool SYNOPSIS
nxproxy <options> DESCRIPTION
nxproxy is a tool that allows one to tunnel X sessions through the NX compression libraries. nxproxy is a backend application utilized by the X2goClient GUI and some other NX/X2go clients. OPTIONS
For an insight in nxproxy options use nxproxy --help on the command line. AUTHOR
This manual has been written by Mike Gabriel <> for the X2go project ( Version 3.5.0 Nov 2011 nxproxy(1)

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x2goclient(1)							 X2Go Client (Qt4)						     x2goclient(1)

x2goclient - Client application to launch server-side X2Go sessions. SYNOPSIS
x2goclient <options> DESCRIPTION
x2goclient is a GUI application for launching server-side X2Go sessions. OPTIONS
x2goclient has the following options: --help-pack Show available pack methods and exit. --no-menu Hide menu-/toolbar (default: false). --maximize Start client maximized (default: false). --hide Hide client (start hidden, default: false). --client-ssh-port Local ssh port (for filesystem export, default: 22). --user Pre-selection of user at client startup (LDAP mode). PROFILING SESSIONS GLOBALLY
You can pre-profile sessions globally using the following options. They will override the options in the session profiles. --command Default command for session startup. --sessionid Pre-selection of session ID at client startup. --ssh-port Use this TCP/IP port for connection (default: 22). --link Set default link type (modem,isdn,adsl,wan or lan, default: adsl). --pack Set default pack method (default: '16m-jpeg'). --quality Set default image quality(0-9, default: 9). --set-kbd Overwrite current keyboard settings, no override by default. --kbd-layout Set keyboard layout (default: 'de'). --kbd-type Set keyboard type (default: pc105/de). --fullscreen Start session in fullscreen mode. --width Start session with this width (default: 800). --sound Activate sound for session, not enabled by default. --sound-system Which soundsystem to use: arts, esd, pulse (default: arts). THIN CLIENT OPTIONS
The following command line options are primarily interesting if x2goclient is used as a login manager on X2Go thin clients. --session=<session-profile-name> Pre-selection of session at client startup. --no-session-edit Disable session editing. --pgp-card Use openPGP Card authentication (default: false). --external-login=<smartcard-logins> Authenticate via SMART card, path to login notification file. --add-to-known-hosts Add DSA/RSA host key fingerprint to .ssh/known_hosts in case of "authenticity of server can't be established". --read-exports-from Specifies a directory where some external mechanism (e.g. script) can notify x2goclient on new block devices (CD/DVDs, USB sticks, etc.). LDAP OPTIONS
In case you want to provide x2goclient session profiles from LDAP use the following options: --ldap Start with LDAP support (disabled by default). --basedn Base DN to search in LDAP. --ldap-server LDAP Server hostname. --ldap-port LDAP Server portnumber (default: 389). --ldap-server1 Failover LDAP Server hostname. --ldap-port1 Failover LDAP Server portnumber (default: 389). --ldap-server2 Failover LDAP Server hostname. AUTHOR
This manual has been written by Mike Gabriel <> for the X2Go project ( Version 3.99.1.x Feb 2012 x2goclient(1)
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