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nstk(1) [debian man page]

nstk(1) 							   User Manuals 							   nstk(1)

nstk - ns with tk support SYNOPSIS
ns [ file [ arg arg ... ] ] DESCRIPTION
nstk is same as ns,but with tk GUI support. See ns (1) for more details. AUTHOR
YunQiang Su <> SEE ALSO
ns(1)nse(1) Linux APRIL 2010 nstk(1)

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Ns_Sock(3aolserver)					   AOLserver Library Procedures 				       Ns_Sock(3aolserver)


Ns_BindSock, Ns_GetSockAddr, Ns_SockAccept, Ns_SockAsyncConnect, Ns_SockAsyncConnect2, Ns_SockBind, Ns_SockCloseLater, Ns_SockConnect, Ns_SockConnect2, Ns_SockListen, Ns_SockListenEx, Ns_SockPipe, Ns_SockSetBlocking, Ns_SockSetNonBlocking, Ns_SockStrError, Ns_SockTimedCon- nect, Ns_SockTimedConnect2, ns_pipe, ns_sockpair - library procedures SYNOPSIS
#include "ns.h" Ns_BindSock(arg, arg) Ns_GetSockAddr(arg, arg) Ns_SockAccept(arg, arg) Ns_SockAsyncConnect(arg, arg) Ns_SockAsyncConnect2(arg, arg) Ns_SockBind(arg, arg) Ns_SockCloseLater(arg, arg) Ns_SockConnect(arg, arg) Ns_SockConnect2(arg, arg) Ns_SockListen(arg, arg) Ns_SockListenEx(arg, arg) Ns_SockPipe(arg, arg) Ns_SockSetBlocking(arg, arg) Ns_SockSetNonBlocking(arg, arg) Ns_SockStrError(arg, arg) Ns_SockTimedConnect(arg, arg) Ns_SockTimedConnect2(arg, arg) ns_pipe(arg, arg) ns_sockpair(arg, arg) _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
These functions ... SEE ALSO
nsd(1), info(n) KEYWORDS
AOLserver 4.0 Ns_Sock(3aolserver)
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