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MSGUNTYPOT(1)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     MSGUNTYPOT(1)

msguntypot - update PO files when a typo is fixed in POT file SYNOPSIS
msguntypot -o old_pot -n new_pot pofiles ... DESCRIPTION
When you fix a trivial error which surely doesn't affect translations (e.g. a typo) in a POT file, you should unfuzzy the corresponding msgstr in the translated PO files to avoid so extra work to the translators. This task is difficult and error prone when done manually, and this tool is there to help doing so correctly. You just need to provide the two versions of the POT file: before the edition and after as marked in the above synopsis, and it all becomes automatic. HOW TO USE IT
In short, when you discover a typo in one of your [english] message, do the following: - Regenerate your POT and PO files. make -C po/ update-po # for message program translations debconf-updatepo # for debconf translations po4a po4a.conf # for po4a based documentation translations or something else, depending on your project's building settings. You know how to make sure your POT an PO files are uptodate, don't you?? - Make a copy of your POT file. cp myfile.pot myfile.pot.orig - Make a copy of all your files. mkdir po_fridge; cp *.po po_fridge - Fix your typo. $EDITOR the_file_in_which_there_is_a_typo - Regenerate your POT and PO files. See above. At this point, the typo fix fuzzied all the translations, and this unfortunate change is the only one between the PO files of your main directory and the one from the fridge. Here is how to solve this. - Discard fuzzy translation, restore the ones from the fridge. cp po_fridge/*.po . - Manually merge the PO files with the new POT file, but taking the useless fuzzy into account. msguntypot -o myfile.pot.orig -n myfile.pot *.po - Cleanups. rm -rf myfile.pot.orig po_fridge You're done. The typo was eradicated from msgstr of both your POT and PO files, and the PO files were not fuzzyied in the process. Your translators love you already. SEE ALSO
Despite its name, this tool is not part of the gettext tool suite. It is instead part of po4a. More precisely, it's a random Perl script using the fine po4a modules. For more information about po4a, please see: po4a(7) AUTHORS
Martin Quinson (mquinson#debian,org) COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
Copyright 2005 by SPI, inc. This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of GPL (see the COPYING file). perl v5.14.2 2012-05-17 MSGUNTYPOT(1)

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PO4A-BUILD(1)							       PO4A							     PO4A-BUILD(1)

po4a-build - build translated documentation SYNOPSIS
po4a-build [-f | --file FILE] [--pot-only] po4a-build [-? | -h | --help | --version] DESCRIPTION
po4a-build is intended to make it as easy to produce translated documentation as it can be to produce the current untranslated content. When po4a prepares the translated content as POD or DocBook XML, the final documentation can then be built using po4a-build. Both the untranslated and translated content is built as a single process, updating the POT files at the same time. Existing build instructions are replaced by a single call to po4a-build and a simple configuration file is used to tell po4a-build how to build each element and which binary packages will include the translated and untranslated content. Once built, the content will be in package-specific directories beneath the BASEDIR specified in the configuration file. For a binary package foo, with translations into German and French, this would result in: BASEDIR/foo/man/man1/foo.1 BASEDIR/foo/man/de/man1/foo.1 BASEDIR/foo/man/fr/man1/foo.1 This makes it easy to include all the generated content into the binary package with a single install location: doc/foo/man/* ./usr/share/man/ doc/foo/html/* ./usr/share/doc/foo/ This rule will not need to be updated when new translations are added and adding a second binary package (bar) allows the content for that package to kept separate. Supported formats Currently, po4a-build supports the following combinations: 1. DocBook XML for section 1. 2. DocBook XML for section 3. 3. DocBook XML for HTML. 4. POD for section 1. 5. POD for section 3. 6. POD for section 5. 7. POD for section 7. All supported formats, in all supported combinations, can be handled in a single po4a-build.conf configuration file and in a single call to po4a-build. See po4a-build.conf(5). CONFIGURATION
po4a-build uses a default configuration file, po4a-build.conf which should be in the top level directory of your package VCS. (Use the -f option to specify a different file.) See po4a-build.conf(5). Example 1. example configuration file An example configuration file is available at: /usr/share/doc/po4a/examples/po4a-build.conf.example configuration file layout The configuration file consists of several sections, general, XML/XSL support, POD support and HTML support. General includes the name and location of the po4a config file (probably best to leave this as po4a.config), the po directory containing the documentation PO files (often doc/po), the full name of the POT file used to create the translations, the BASEDIR for the generated output, whether the package contains manpages in section 3 rather than just section 1 and the names of the binary packages which are to contain the generated output. XML/XSL support includes specifying which of the binary packages use XSL support in the XMLPACKAGES variable, the top level DocBook file to pass to xsltproc and the location of the XML or DocBook files. The XSLFILE can be overridden, if necessary. POD support includes specifying which of the binary packages use POD support in the PODPACKAGES variable and the full name of the POD file. HTML support specifies the subdirectory to create below BASEDIR for the untranslated and translated HTML content and the DocBook file to generate the HTML. The HTMLXSL file can be overridden, if necessary. COMMANDS
--pot-only Only updates the POT file(s). --pot-only is intended to support packages including all POT files in the package source. Packages using Autotools can easily add the POT file via EXTRA_DIST but packages just using a Makefile or certain VCS build helpers can find it awkward to add the POT file (which is a generated file) without putting the POT file into the VCS. To avoid this ugly and unnecessary work, po4a-build can update the POT file(s) at the start of the build, so that dpkg-source includes them into the source tarball. Example 2. svn-buildpackage example svn-buildpackage has explicit support for this kind of addition, using the useNativeDist SVN property and the native-dist Make target. # adds the POT file to the source tarball native-dist: Makefile po4a-build --pot-only $ svn propset useNativeDist 1 debian -h|--help print the usage message and exit. --version print the usage message and exit. OPTIONS
-f|--file FILE Override the po4a-build default configuration file (po4a-build.conf) and supply your own. AUTHOR
po4a-build was written by Neil Williams <>. This manual page was written by Neil Williams <> PO4A 06/10/2014 PO4A-BUILD(1)
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