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mosh-client(1) [debian man page]

MOSH(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   MOSH(1)

mosh-client - client-side helper for mosh SYNOPSIS
MOSH_KEY=KEY mosh-client IP PORT mosh-client -c DESCRIPTION
mosh-client is a helper program for the mosh(1) remote terminal application. mosh itself is a setup script that establishes an SSH connection, runs the server-side helper mosh-server, and collects the server's port number and session key. mosh then executes mosh-client with the server's IP address, port, and session key. mosh-client runs for the lifetime of the connection. The 22-byte base64 session key given by mosh-server is supplied in the MOSH_KEY environment variable. This represents a 128-bit AES key that protects the integrity and confidentiality of the session. For constructing new setup wrappers for remote execution facilities other than SSH, it may be necessary to invoke mosh-client directly. With the -c option, mosh-client instead prints the number of colors of the terminal given by the TERM environment variable. SEE ALSO
mosh(1), mosh-server(1). Project home page: AUTHOR
mosh was written by Keith Winstein <>. BUGS
Please report bugs to Users may also subscribe to the mailing list, at February 2012 MOSH(1)

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MOSH(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   MOSH(1)

mosh-server - server-side helper for mosh SYNOPSIS
mosh-server new [-s] [-v] [-i IP] [-p port] [-c colors] [-- command...] DESCRIPTION
mosh-server is a helper program for the mosh(1) remote terminal application. mosh-server binds to a high UDP port and chooses an encryption key to protect the session. It prints both on standard output, detaches from the terminal, and waits for the mosh-client to establish a connection. It will exit if no client has contacted it within 60 seconds. By default, mosh-server binds to a port between 60000 and 61000 and executes the user's login shell. On platforms with utempter, mosh-server maintains an entry in the utmp(5) file to indicate its process ID, whether the session is con- nected, and the client's current IP address. mosh-server exits when the client terminates the connection. OPTIONS
The argument "new" must be first on the command line to use command-line options. -s bind to the local interface used for an incoming SSH connection, given in the SSH_CONNECTION environment variable (for multihomed hosts) -v Print some debugging information even after detaching. -i IP IP address of the local interface to bind (for multihomed hosts) -p PORT UDP port number to bind -c COLORS Number of colors to advertise to applications through TERM (e.g. 8, 256) -l NAME=VALUE Locale-related environment variable to try as part of a fallback environment, if the startup environment does not specify a charac- ter set of UTF-8. EXAMPLE
$ mosh-server MOSH CONNECT 60001 UAkFedSsVJs2LfMeKyQB5g mosh-server (mosh 1.1) [...] (copyright notice omitted) [mosh-server detached, pid = 20443] SEE ALSO
mosh(1), mosh-client(1). Project home page: AUTHOR
mosh was written by Keith Winstein <>. BUGS
Please report bugs to Users may also subscribe to the mailing list, at February 2012 MOSH(1)
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