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MDBTools(1)															       MDBTools(1)

mdb-header - Write header file from an MDB database SYNOPSIS
mdb-header [database] DESCRIPTION
mdb-header is a utility program distributed with MDB Tools. It will dump the names and types of the tables and columns in an MDB database in a C header format. It will create three files - types.h and dumptypes.[ch] ENVIRONMENT
MDB_JET3_CHARSET Defines the charset of the input JET3 (access 97) file. Default is CP1252. See iconv(1). MDBICONV Defines the output charset. Default is UTF-8. mdbtools must have been compiled with iconv. MDBOPTS semi-column separated list of options: o use_index o no_memo o debug_like o debug_write o debug_usage o debug_ole o debug_row o debug_props o debug_all is a shortcut for all debug_* options EXIT STATUS
mdb-header exits with error code 1 if there was anunsupported type. SEE ALSO
gmdb2(1) mdb-export(1) mdb-hexdump(1) mdb-prop(1) mdb-sql(1) mdb-ver(1) mdb-array(1) mdb-parsecsv(1) mdb-schema(1) mdb-tables(1) AUTHORS
The mdb-header utility was written by Brian Bruns. BUGS
Only a few types are currently supported. 0.7 13 July 2013 MDBTools(1)
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