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grape(1) [debian man page]

grape(1)						      General Commands Manual							  grape(1)

grape - inspection and management of the local grape cache used by Groovy DESCRIPTION
usage: grape [options] <command> [args] options: -D,--define <name=value> define a system property -d,--debug debug log level 4 will print out full stack traces -h,--help usage information -i,--info info log level 2 will print out information -q,--quiet quiet log level 0 will print only errors -v,--version display the Groovy and JVM versions -V,--verbose verbose log level 3 will print verbose logs -w,--warn warn log level 1 will print only errors and warnings COMMANDS
install <groupId> <artifactId> [<version>]: This installs the specified groovy module or maven artifact. If a version is specified that specific version will be installed, otherwise the most recent version will be used (as if '*' we passed in). list: Lists locally installed modules (with their full maven name in the case of groovy modules) and versions. resolve (<groupId> <artifactId> <version>)+: This returns the file locations of the jars representing the artifcats for the specified module(s) and the respective transitive dependencies. You may optionally pass in -ant, -dos, or -shell to get the dependencies expressed in a format applicable for an ant script, windows batch file, or unix shell script respectively. SEE ALSO
groovy(1) AUTHOR
This manual page was generated using help2man and edited by Ludovic Claude <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). July 2009 grape(1)

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GROOVY(1)						      General Commands Manual							 GROOVY(1)

Groovy - Agile dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine DESCRIPTION
usage: groovy [options] [args] options: -D,--define <name=value> define a system property -a,--autosplit <splitPattern> automatically split current line (defaults to 's') -c,--encoding <charset> specify the encoding of the files -d,--debug debug mode will print out full stack traces -e <script> specify a command line script -h,--help usage information -i <extension> modify files in place, create backup if extension is given (e.g. '.bak') -l <port> listen on a port and process inbound lines -n process files line by line -p process files line by line and print result -v,--version display the Groovy and JVM versions COMMANDS
groovy: Command to run a set of Groovy statements entered on the command line (with -e), or stored in a text file whose name is given on the command. example: groovy -e ' { println it }' groovysh: Terminal-based interpreter for Groovy. groovyConsole: GUI interpreter for composing Groovy interactively. java2groovy: The java2groovy tool reads class and interface definitions, written in the Java programming language, and converts them into groovy source files. SEE ALSO
groovyc(1) AUTHOR
This manual page was generated using help2man and edited by Varun Hiremath <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). December 2007 GROOVY(1)

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