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gpiv_aint(1) [debian man page]

GPIV_AINT(1)						      General Commands Manual						      GPIV_AINT(1)

gpiv_aint - Calculates mean image intensity at each interrogation area. SYNOPSIS
gpiv_aint [-h | --help] [-p | --print] [-s | --second] [-V | --verbose] [-v | --version] filename DESCRIPTION
For each Interrogation Area of an image, gpiv_aint calculates the mean image intensity. Depending on the settings of the interrogation scheme, the Interrogation Area's may be shifted with magnitude of the piv estimators (if they exist) or the image may be deformed before the intensity is calculated. This program uses the IMG, PIV and POST parameters. The default settings may be overruled by the command line options, as explained below. Options -h | --help On-line help. -p | --print Prints parameters to stdout. -s | --second Calculates the image intensitites for the second image frame in case of double-frame image pairs. -V | --verbose Prints data of interrogation area's and resulting mean. -v | --version Print version information on standard output, then exit successfully. filename Full name of the image file. Image format might be: png, raw binary (.r), hdf5 (.hdf), gif, tif, bmp or pgm. The piv estimators are read from filename.piv The settings are written to filename.par. output will be stored in filename.ain. SEE ALSO gpivtools NOTES
The program uses netpbm. AUTHOR
Gerber Van der Graaf 7 November 2006 GPIV_AINT(1)

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GPIV_HDF2PIV(1) 					      General Commands Manual						   GPIV_HDF2PIV(1)

gpiv_hdf2piv - Converts HDF5 PIV-data to ASCII data. SYNOPSIS
gpiv_hdf2piv [-e] [-h | --help] [-p | --print] [-v | --version] filename DESCRIPTION
gpiv_hdf2piv converts a HDF5 formatted file filename.hdf, containing PIV-data, PIV derived data, like vorticities, strain etc to (ASCII formatted) filename.piv., filename.vor, filename.sstr, filename.nstr and, eventually, image(s) to (PNG formatted) filename.png files. The parameters that have been used for the analysis and post processing are written to filename.par This program does not use the parameter resources from libgpiv. The parameters may be defined by the command line options as explained below. Options -e Exclude PIV data and data from post-processes. Only convert image data. -h | --help On-line help. -p | --print Prints parameters, command line options and input and output filenames to stdout. The output may be used as parameters of fasty for future use by re-directing stdout to fasty.par. -v | --version Print version information on standard output, then exits successfully. filename Full input file name, hdf formatted (including .hdf extension) SEE ALSO gpivtools AUTHOR
Gerber Van der Graaf 19 Januari 2005 GPIV_HDF2PIV(1)
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