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funnel(1)							     logtools								 funnel(1)

funnel - split one pipe stream to one or more files or programs SYNOPSIS
funnel [|] [>[>]file] [|process] DESCRIPTION
The funnel program will read data from standard input and write it to several output streams. The | symbol means to copy standard input to standard output. The > symbol means that a file name immediately follows with no separating spaces, the file will be truncated if it exists or created if it doesn't. The >> means that the file is to be appended to if it exists. A | symbol followed immediately by text indicates a command that is to be run by system() and will have all input piped to it. EXIT STATUS
0 No errors 1 Error opening input Other errors are 100 + number of commands or files that fail AUTHOR
This program, its manual page, and the Debian package were written by Russell Coker <>. FEATURES
Uses popen (3) for output so that shell expansion gets performed. If you want such shell expansion then you must ensure that you quote the parameters correctly so that they get expanded by popen (3) not the shell that calls funnel. SEE ALSO
popen(3) Russell Coker <;> 0.06 funnel(1)

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popen(3)						     Library Functions Manual							  popen(3)

       popen, pclose - initiate I/O to/from a process

       #include <stdio.h>

       FILE *popen(command, type)
       char *command, *type;

       FILE *stream;

       The arguments to are pointers to null-terminated strings containing respectively a shell command line and an I/O mode, either "r" for read-
       ing or "w" for writing.	It creates a pipe between the calling process and the command to be executed.  The  value  returned  is  a  stream
       pointer that can be used (as appropriate) to write to the standard input of the command or read from its standard output.

       A stream opened by should be closed by which waits for the associated process to terminate and returns the exit status of the command.

       Because open files are shared, a type "r" command may be used as an input filter, and a type "w" as an output filter.

       The routine returns a null pointer if files or processes cannot be created, or the shell cannot be accessed.

       The routine returns -1 if stream is not associated with a `popened' command.

       Buffered reading before opening an input filter may leave the standard input of that filter mispositioned.  Similar problems with an output
       filter may be forestalled by careful buffer flushing, for instance, with For further information, see

       The routine always calls and never calls

See Also
       sh(1), pipe(2), wait(2), system(3), fclose(3s), fopen(3s)

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