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dssi_list_plugins(1) [debian man page]

dssi_list_plugins(1)					      General Commands Manual					      dssi_list_plugins(1)

dssi_list_plugins - list available DSSI plugins SYNOPSIS
dssi_list_plugins [-v|--verbose] DESCRIPTION
dssi_list_plugins scans a list of directories specified by the environment variable DSSI_PATH, looking for DSSI (or LADSPA) shared libraries. It reports each library found, and lists the plugins contained within the library. It ignores subdirectories and libtool *.la files; otherwise it will complain if any of the files found are not DSSI or LADSPA shared libraries. OPTIONS
-v --verbose Causes dssi_list_plugins to be more verbose in its reporting. It will note conditions which are typically ignored by most DSSI hosts, yet may indicate problems, including malformed or unreadable components of DSSI_PATH, directories which contain no plugin libraries, libraries which appear more than once in the DSSI_PATH, and libraries which contain no plugins. ENVIRONMENT
DSSI_PATH A colon-separated list of directories to scan for DSSI plugins. CONFORMING TO
DSSI RFC version 1.0. SEE ALSO
dssi_analyse_plugin(1), June 23rd, 2010 dssi_list_plugins(1)

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MUSE(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   MUSE(1)

MusE - MIDI/Audio Sequencer SYNOPSIS
muse [ options ] [ file ] DESCRIPTION
MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer that can also record and edit sound files, apply effects and filters from an intuitive graphical interface. It is based on the Linux-specific ALSA interface for audio i/o. The Jack Audio Connection Kit is used for routing. LADSPA-compliant plug- ins allow to extend the list of available effects. The optional file argument denotes a project file in MusE-internal format that is loaded on startup. Project files can also be loaded later on through the graphical menu. OPTIONS
-a Use a dummy audio backend instead of real audio i/o. -d Start in debugging mode without real-time threads. -D Enable verbose debugging messages. -h Display usage information. -I Do not attempt to load any DSSI plugins. -l xx Force locale to the language/country code xx. -L Do not se LASH. -m Provide debugging messages about midi input events. -M Provide debugging messages about midi output events. -p Do not attempt to load any LADSPA plugins. -P n Set scheduling priority of real-time threads to n (Dummy only, default 40. Else fixed by Jack.). -s Provide debugging messages about sync events. -v Print version information. -V Do not attempt to load any VST plugins. -y Enable Python control support. -Y n Force midi real time priority to n. SEE ALSO
MusE provides an integrated help system in the graphical user interface. AUTHORS
MusE was written by Werner Schweer, Robert Jonnson, Mathias Lundgren, Frank Neumann, Joachim Schiele, Tim Donnelly, Nil Geisweiller, Orcan Ogetbil and others. This manual page was originally written by Daniel Kobras <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). It was updated later by Orcan Ogetbil for MusE2. December 2010 MUSE(1)
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