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djvudump(1) [debian man page]

DJVUDUMP(1)							   DjVuLibre-3.5						       DJVUDUMP(1)

djvudump - Display internal structure of DjVu files. SYNOPSIS
djvudump [-o outputfile] djvufiles... DESCRIPTION
Program djvudump prints an indented representation of the chunk structure of any DjVu files. Each line represent contains a chunk ID fol- lowed by the chunk size. Lines are indented in order to reflect the hierarchical structure of the IFF files. The page identifier is printed between curly braces when a bundled multi-page DjVu document is recognized. Additional information about each chunk is provided when djvudump recognizes the chunk name and knows how to summarize the chunk data. REMARKS
This program is in fact able to describe any file complying with the Electronic Arts IFF 85 specification. This includes a number of graphical and sound file formats. CREDITS
This program was written by Leon Bottou <> and was then improved by Andrei Erofeev <>, Bill Riemers <> and many others. SEE ALSO
djvu(1) DjVuLibre-3.5 10/11/2001 DJVUDUMP(1)

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DJVM(1) 							   DjVuLibre-3.5							   DJVM(1)

djvm - Manipulate bundled multi-page DjVu documents. SYNOPSIS
Creating a bundled document: djvm -c[reate] doc.djvu page1.djvu ... pageN.djvu Inserting: djvm -i[nsert] doc.djvu page.djvu [pagenum] Removing: djvm -d[elete] doc.djvu pagenum Listing: djvm -l[ist] doc.djvu DESCRIPTION
This program creates or modifies a bundled multi-page DjVu document. Multi-page bundled documents can be used directly or converted to indirect document using command djvmcvt. OPTIONS
-c[reate] Create a bundled DjVu document named doc.djvu by collecting files page1.djvu to pageN.djvu. -i[nsert] Modify the bundled DjVu document named doc.djvu by inserting file page.djvu as page pagenum. Omitting argument pagenum means that the page should be appended at the end of the document. File page.djvu also can be a multi-page DjVu document. All pages will be inserted at the specified location. -d[elete] Remove page pagenum from the bundled multi-page DjVu document doc.djvu. -l[ist] List all component files in the multi-page DjVu document doc.djvu. CREDITS
This program was initially written by Andrei Erofeev <> and was improved by Bill Riemers <> and many others. SEE ALSO
djvu(1), djvmcvt(1) DjVuLibre-3.5 10/11/2001 DJVM(1)

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