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XENIX is a discontinued version of the UNIX operating system for various microcomputer platforms, licensed by Microsoft from AT&T Corporation in the late 1970s.
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diakonos(1) [debian man page]

diakonos(1)							     diakonos							       diakonos(1)

diakonos - a customizable, usable console-based text editor SYNOPSIS
diakonos [files] Basic Commands Following are some of the most common commands and their default key bindings. Not all commands are listed here. For a comprehensive list- ing, see the configuration file. Movement Arrow keys Cursor movement Home, End Move cursor to beginning or end of current line Page Up, Page Down Pitch buffer view by one screenful of text Alt-Up, Alt-Down Scroll up, down Editor Control Ctrl-Q Quit F1 List key bindings F12 Edit user's configuration file Alt-M Start/stop macro recording F4 Play macro F6 Repeat last command File/Buffer Control Ctrl-O Open a file Ctrl-S Save current buffer Alt-S Save current buffer to specific filename Ctrl-W Close current buffer Ctrl-N Create new empty buffer Alt-Shift-T Specify buffer content type Alt-1 to Alt-9 Switch among first 9 buffers Alt-minus, Alt-= Switch buffers Ctrl-Z Undo Ctrl-Y Redo Clipboard Ctrl-space Anchor selection (like emacs) Ctrl-C Copy selection to clipboard Ctrl-X Copy selection to clipboard and delete (i.e. cut) Ctrl-V Paste clipboard text Alt-U Unselect (stop selecting) Ctrl-K Cut current line (can collect multiple lines) Searching Ctrl-F Find Ctrl-Alt-F Find upwards F3 Find again Shift-F3 Find again upwards Ctrl-R Search and replace Ctrl-Alt-U Clear match highlight FURTHER INFORMATION
For more information on Diakonos see: AUTHOR
Diakonos is by Pistos Christou This package is maintained by Ralph Amissah 0.8.12 2010-02-18 diakonos(1)

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PODVIEWER(1p)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     PODVIEWER(1p)

podviewer - a Gtk2-Perl POD Reading Program SYNOPSIS
"podviewer" provides a simple and attractive way to read Perl's POD documentation. You can use it to read the Perl POD pages, module documentation and information about Perl's builtin functions. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS
"podviewer" supports a wide number of keyboard shortcuts. They are documented here. o "Ctrl-U" or "Alt-Up" Go up a level. That is, if you're reading the documentation for "Foo::Bar", typing "Ctrl-U" will take you to the "Foo" page. o "Alt-Left" Go back in your browsing history. o "Alt-Right" Go forward in your browsing history. o "Ctrl-H" Go home. If you have the "home" option set in your config (see below), entering "Ctrl-H" will take you there. o "Ctrl-L" This toggles the document index. o "Ctrl-O" This pops up a dialog allowing you to choose a document to read. o "Ctrl-R" or "F5" This reloads the current document. o "Ctrl-Q" This quits the program. o "Ctrl-F" This pops up a dialog for you to enter some search text. o "Ctrl-G" This performs the previous search, but from the most recently found result. You can also repeat the previous search by pressing enter when the cursor is in the search box. o "F1" Loads this document. CONFIGURATION OPTIONS
"podviewer" stores its configuration settings in a resource file, located at "$HOME/.podviewrc". This file contains simple "name=value" pairs for various things: o "icon-size" If you want to change the size of the icons on the toolbar, change this value. The values are standard Gtk+ stock values. o "home" This is the name of the document you want to be your home page. This page is loaded when you start the program without arguments, hit the Home button, or type "Ctrl-H". SEE ALSO
o Gtk2 or <> o <> o Gtk2::Ex::PodViewer::Parser AUTHORS
Gavin Brown, Torsten Schoenfeld and Scott Arrington. COPYRIGHT
(c) 2003-2005 Gavin Brown ( All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.10.0 2005-10-04 PODVIEWER(1p)

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