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coqdoc(1)						      General Commands Manual							 coqdoc(1)

coqdoc - A documentation tool for the Coq proof assistant SYNOPSIS
coqdoc [ options ] files DESCRIPTION
coqdoc is a documentation tool for the Coq proof assistant. It creates LaTeX or HTML documents from a set of Coq files. See the Coq ref- erence manual for documentation (url below). OPTIONS
Overall options -h Help. Will give you the complete list of options accepted by coqdoc. --html Select a HTML output. --latex Select a LATEX output. --dvi Select a DVI output. --ps Select a PostScript output. --texmacs Select a TeXmacs output. --stdout Redirect the output to stdout -o file,--output file Redirect the output into the file file. -d dir, --directory dir Output files into directory dir instead of current directory (option -d does not change the filename specified with option -o, if any). -s, --short Do not insert titles for the files. The default behavior is to insert a title like ``Library Foo'' for each file. -t string, --title string Set the document title. --body-only Suppress the header and trailer of the final document. Thus, you can insert the resulting document into a larger one. -p string, --preamble string Insert some material in the LATEX preamble, right before egin{document} (meaningless with -html). --vernac-file file, --tex-file file Considers the file `file' respectively as a .v (or .g) file or a .tex file. --files-from file Read file names to process in file `file' as if they were given on the command line. Useful for program sources split in several directories. -q, --quiet Be quiet. Do not print anything except errors. -h, --help Give a short summary of the options and exit. -v, --version Print the version and exit. Index options Default behavior is to build an index, for the HTML output only, into index.html. --no-index Do not output the index. --multi-index Generate one page for each category and each letter in the index, together with a top page index.html. Table of contents option -toc, --table-of-contents Insert a table of contents. For a LATEX output, it inserts a ableofcontents at the beginning of the document. For a HTML output, it builds a table of contents into toc.html. Hyperlinks options --glob-from file Make references using Coq globalizations from file file. (Such globalizations are obtained with Coq option -dump-glob). --no-externals Do not insert links to the Coq standard library. --external url libroot Set base URL for the external library whose root prefix is libroot. --coqlib url Set base URL for the Coq standard library (default is --coqlib_path dir Set the base path where the Coq files are installed, especially style files coqdoc.sty and coqdoc.css. -R dir coqdir Map physical directory dir to Coq logical directory coqdir (similarly to Coq option -R). Note: option -R only has effect on the files following it on the command line, so you will probably need to put this option first. Contents options -g, --gallina Do not print proofs. -l, --light Light mode. Suppress proofs (as with -g) and the following commands: * [Recursive] Tactic Definition * Hint / Hints * Require * Transparent / Opaque * Implicit Argument / Implicits * Section / Variable / Hypothesis / End The behavior of options -g and -l can be locally overridden using the (* begin show *) ... (* end show *) environment (see above). Language options Default behavior is to assume ASCII 7 bits input files. -latin1, --latin1 Select ISO-8859-1 input files. It is equivalent to --inputenc latin1 --charset iso-8859-1. -utf8, --utf8 Select UTF-8 (Unicode) input files. It is equivalent to --inputenc utf8 --charset utf-8. LATEX UTF-8 support can be found at --inputenc string Give a LATEX input encoding, as an option to LATEX package inputenc. --charset string Specify the HTML character set, to be inserted in the HTML header. SEE ALSO
The Coq Reference Manual from April, 2006 coqdoc(1)
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