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CALCOO(1)							Calcoo Manual Page							 CALCOO(1)

Calcoo - scientific calculator (GTK+). SYNOPSIS
Calcoo is a scientific calculator designed to provide maximum usability. The features that make Calcoo attractive are: * bitmapped button labels and display digits to improve readability * no double-function buttons - you need to click only one button for any operation (except for arc-hyp trigonometric functions) * undo/redo buttons * both RPN and algebraic modes * display marks to separate thousands * copy/paste interaction with the X clipboard * two memory registers with displays * displays for Y, Z, and T registers OPERATION
Like in a regular calculator. Settings (switching between RPN and algebraic modes, rounding, RPN stack behavior) can be accessed by press- ing the button labelled "!". The button labelled "?" brings up the help/info window. OPTIONS
Calcoo accepts the following command-line options: -h, --help Show summary of options and exit. -v, --version Print version number and exit. OTHER INFO
The webpage for Calcoo is at There you can find more information about Calcoo and download the latest version. AUTHOR
Alexei Kaminski ( BUGS
None I am aware of. If you find any, please report them. Version 1.3.18 18 Aug 2007 CALCOO(1)

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GALCULATOR(1)						      General Commands Manual						     GALCULATOR(1)

galculator - a GTK 2 based scientific calculator SYNOPSIS
galculator [options] DESCRIPTION
This manual page gives a short description of galculator and documents its command line arguments. galculator is a GTK 2 based calculator with basic and scientific modes. It supports algebraic notation, RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) and formula entry mode, different number bases (decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary) and angle bases (radiant, degree, and grad). Further features include arithmetic operations plus precedence handling, trigonometric functions, power, sqare root, natural and common logarithm, constants (e, PI, user defined), memory and inverse and hyperbolic functions and user defined functions. OPTIONS
galculator accepts the following options: -h, --help Show summary of options. -v, --version Show version of program. FILES
~/.galculator Automatically generated configuration file for galculator ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
You find additional information about galculator at AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Simon Floery <>. BUGS
If you find one, please report it at April 24, 2003 GALCULATOR(1)
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