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bluemindo(1)						      General Commands Manual						      bluemindo(1)

bluemindo - simple yet powerful audio player SYNOPSIS
bluemindo [options] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the bluemindo command. bluemindo Bluemindo is a really simple but powerful audio player in Python/PyGTK, using GStreamer. It can downloads albums or artists pic- tures and lyrics as doing desktop notifications or sending music to your profile or on your Jabber account (via PEP). You can also choose the view mode: lightweight (very simple way to use the player: you only have a playlist), basic (you have a tree of artists>albums and a playlist), normal (the most usual mode for audio players), full (you have a list of artists and saved playlists, a list of albums covers by artists and the playlist) or albums. OPTIONS
These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see the Info files. -h, --help Show summary of options. --current Show the current playing song artist, title and album. --current-cover Show the path to the album cover of the current playing song. --current-lyrics Show the lyrics for the current playing song. --playpause, --play, --pause Play or pause the song. --stop Stop the song. --previous Jump to the previous song in playlist. --next Jump to the next song in playlist. --volume-more [ STEP ] Increase the volume, you can specify a step (0 > 100). --volume-less [ STEP ] Decrease the volume, you can specify a step (0 > 100). --volume=VOLUME Set the volume: 0 > 100. --reload Reload the songs from your music folder. --quit, --plunge Quit Bluemindo. AUTHOR
bluemindo was written by Erwan Briand <>. This manual page was written by Thibaut GIRKA <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). June 22, 2008 bluemindo(1)

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ESPERANZA(1)						      General Commands Manual						      ESPERANZA(1)

Esperanza - A XMMS2 client. SYNOPSIS
Esperanza is an XMMS2 client designed to manage and organize music files in multiple platforms. CORE
--`Autostartxmms=(on/off) Choose to autostart xmms if it is not running. --`Ignoredesktopsettings=(on/off) Ignore the desktop settings (use this if everything is black). --`SizeofCache(KB) Choose the size of album art cache in KBs. --`Ignorelocalesettings=(on/off) Ignore locale settings and use default language. --`Showicontray=(on/off) Show icon in system tray. --`Loadartist/album=(on/off) Load artists and albums for completion in Medialib window. --`Showserverbrowser=(on/off) Show the server browser on startup. LOOK
--`Showalbumart=(on/off) Shows album art under artist. --`Compactplaylist=(on/off) Use compact playlist mode (no context area). --`LightenContextarea=(on/off) Draw the context area in a lighter color. --`Contextareainformationchoices Album, Artist, Duration, Filename, Genre, Timesplayed, Title, Tracknumber, Show time remaining instead of elapsed, Show a stop but- ton, Paint the progress bar in a lighter color. FEEL
--`Showpupups=(on/off) Show popus notification on song change. --`ShowOiNK=(on/off) Show OiNK search in Last.FM view. --`Jump=(on/off) Jump to the current entry in the playlist on song change. --`ShowMainwindow=(on/off) Shows main window when you click or double click. --`Showplaylist=(on/off) Show the playlist (and minimode window) always on top. --`NoQuit=(on/off) Do not quit esperanza on close, rather than hide it (needs system tray active). --`Settime(sec) Set the time, how long a popup notification should be shown. --`Showplayerwindow=(on/off) Show the playerwindow as a toolwindow (no windowlist entry). --`ChangeVolume=(on/off) Change volume interactivly (could cause problems). --`Showvolumepupups=(on/off) Show the volume slider in a popup. SHORTCUTS (Default) --`Ctrl+Shift+X Global shortcut to jump to the previous playlist entry. --`Ctrl+Shift+V Global shortcut to jump to the next playlist entry. --`Ctrl+Shift+C Global shortcut to play / pause the playback. --`Ctrl+Shift+M Global shortcut to show / hide the player. --`Ctrl+Shift+B Global shortcut to stop the playback. --`D Add a local directory recursively. --`A Add a local file. --`V Jump to the previous playlist entry. --`Ctrl+W Close the window. --`B Jump to the next playlist entry. --`Esc Hide the player. --`Return JumpPos !? --`Ctrl+M Switch between minimode and the normal mode. --`Space Play / pause the playback. --`Ctrl+Q Quit esperanza. --`Del Remove a selected playlist entry from the playlist. --`Backspace Remove a selected playlist entry from the playlist. --`C Clear the playlist. --`S Enable / Disable shuffling the playlist. BUGS
Report bugs to AUTHORS
Esperanza was written by Tobias Rundstrom <>. This manual page was written by Steve Stalcup <>. Both are released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. ESPERANZA(1)
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