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basexgui(1) [debian man page]

basexgui(1)							 The XML Database						       basexgui(1)

basexgui - XML database system and XPath/XQuery processor (graphical mode) SYNOPSIS
basexgui [file] DESCRIPTION
basexgui starts a standalone locally running instance of the BaseX database system. In addition to the main database functionality of basex(1), the graphical mode offers innovative graphical frontends to visualize XML data. An advanced embedded XQuery Editor is coupled to the visualizations, providing instant result feedback. XML and XQuery files can be passed on as parameters. If an XML file is passed, a database instance is created from this file. If an XQuery file is passed on, it is opened in the XQuery editor. SEE ALSO
basex(1), basexserver(1), basexclient(1) ~/.basex BaseX (standalone and server) properties ~/.basexgui BaseX additional GUI properties ~/.basexperm user name, passwords, and permissions ~/.basexevents contains all existing events ~/BaseXData Default database directory ~/BaseXData/.logs Server logs ~/BaseXRepo Package repository BaseX Documentation Wiki: HISTORY
BaseX started as a research project of the Database and Information Systems Group (DBIS) at the University of Konstanz in 2005 and soon turned into a feature-rich open source XML database and XPath/XQuery processor. LICENSE
New (3-clause) BSD License AUTHOR
BaseX is developed by a bunch of people called 'The BaseX Team' <> led by Christian Gruen <>. The man page was written by Alexander Holupirek <> while packaging BaseX for Debian GNU/Linux. 26 June 2012 basexgui(1)

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PLW3D(3plplot)							    PLplot API							    PLW3D(3plplot)

plw3d - Set up window for 3-d plotting SYNOPSIS
plw3d(basex, basey, height, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin, zmax, alt, az) DESCRIPTION
Sets up a window for a three-dimensional surface plot within the currently defined two-dimensional window. The enclosing box for the sur- face plot defined by xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin and zmax in user-coordinate space is mapped into a box of world coordinate size basex by basey by height so that xmin maps to -basex/2, xmax maps to basex/2, ymin maps to -basey/2, ymax maps to basey/2, zmin maps to 0 and zmax maps to height. The resulting world-coordinate box is then viewed by an observer at altitude alt and azimuth az. This routine must be called before plbox3(3plplot) or plot3d(3plplot). For a more complete description of three-dimensional plotting see the PLplot documenta- tion. Redacted form: plw3d(basex, basey, height, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin, zmax, alt, az) This function is examples 8,11,18,21. ARGUMENTS
basex (PLFLT, input) The x coordinate size of the world-coordinate box. basey (PLFLT, input) The y coordinate size of the world-coordinate box. height (PLFLT, input) The z coordinate size of the world-coordinate box. xmin (PLFLT, input) The minimum user x coordinate value. xmax (PLFLT, input) The maximum user x coordinate value. ymin (PLFLT, input) The minimum user y coordinate value. ymax (PLFLT, input) The maximum user y coordinate value. zmin (PLFLT, input) The minimum user z coordinate value. zmax (PLFLT, input) The maximum user z coordinate value. alt (PLFLT, input) The viewing altitude in degrees above the XY plane. az (PLFLT, input) The viewing azimuth in degrees. When az=0, the observer is looking face onto the ZX plane, and as az is increased, the observer moves clockwise around the box when viewed from above the XY plane. AUTHORS
Geoffrey Furnish and Maurice LeBrun wrote and maintain PLplot. This man page was automatically generated from the DocBook source of the PLplot documentation, maintained by Alan W. Irwin and Rafael Laboissiere. SEE ALSO
PLplot documentation at August, 2012 PLW3D(3plplot)

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