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XTITLE(1)						      General Commands Manual							 XTITLE(1)

xtitle - set window title and icon name for an X11 terminal window SYNOPSIS
xtitle [ -tiq ] [ -- ] string ... | [ -V ] [ -h ] DESCRIPTION
Xtitle will set the window title and/or the icon name of the terminal window in which it is run to be its command line arguments. It does this by outputting the appropriate xterm(1) control sequence characters. Unless suppressed, xtitle will also report the settings it has made. OPTIONS
-- Interprets all following arguments as strings instead of options. -h, --help Prints a helpful usage message. -i, --icon Only set the icon name. Default sets both. -t, --title Only set the window title. Default sets both. -v, --verbose Quiet mode. Doesn't report the settings performed. -V, --version Only prints the program version. CAVEATS
Xtitle is known to work with xterm(1) and dtterm(1). The effect of the control sequences in other terminals is not known, though I wouldn't expect any problems. VERSION
1.0.2 AUTHOR
Steve Kinzler,, Nov 1993/Nov 1998/Mar 2000/Dec 2009 URL SEE ALSO
xterm(1), dtterm(1) 1.0.2 XTITLE(1)

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XTERMSET(1)						      General Commands Manual						       XTERMSET(1)

xtermset - change settings of an xterm SYNOPSIS
xtermset [-option ...] DESCRIPTION
xtermset allows you to change the characteristics of an xterm window from the command line. Most options have the same names as those that you would give xterm at startup. OPTIONS
-store [<filename>] This option will save all the other command line options given to the filename. If filename is omitted then the options will be written to ~/.xtermsetrc. -default [<filename>] This option will load options from the specified filename. If the filename is omitted then the options will be loaded from ~/.xtermsetrc. Options specified on the command line preceed those that are in the options file. -f, -force xtermset normally checks if you are using it on a correct terminal (xterm (derivative) or dtterm (derivative). With this option you can override this checking. -T string, -title string Sets the window title. -n string Sets the icon name. -fg color Sets the VT100 foreground color. -bg color Sets the VT100 background color. -mousefg color Sets the mouse pointer foreground color. -mousebg color Sets the mouse pointer background color. -tekfg color Sets the Tektronix emulation window foreground color. -tekbg color Sets the Tektronix emulation window background color. -cr color Sets the text cursor color. -hc color Sets the color for highlighted (selected) text. -fn font-spec, -font font-spec Sets the font. -geom geometry-spec, -geometry geometry-spec Sets the window size and position; see X(1) for details. FILES
~/.xtermsetrc SEE ALSO
bash(1), xterm(1), X(1) BUGS
-geom does not support offsets from the left or bottom of the screen. If the geometry-spec isn't in the correct format, the output will be strange. AUTHORS
Breyten Ernsting ( Decklin Foster ( User Commands Dec 2000 XTERMSET(1)
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