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wmauda(1) [debian man page]

WMAUDA(1)							WMAuda Manual Pages							 WMAUDA(1)

WMAUDA - a dockable Audacious control applet. SYNOPSIS
wmauda [-h] [--help] [-c <command>] [--command=<command>] [-i <icon>] [--icon=<icon>] [-n] [--single] [-t] [--title] [--version] DESCRIPTION
WMAUDA is a dock applet for the Window Maker window manager. From the applet you can start and control Audacious. OPTIONS
wmauda accepts the following options: -h, --help Show summary of options. -c, --command Command to start Audacious (Default: audacious). -i, --icon Icon to show instead of the default one when Audacious is not running. The icon must be in XPM format. -n, --single Start Audacious with only a single click (Default: Double click). -t, --title Show the song title when the mouse is in the wmauda window. -v, --version Print version number and exit. SEE ALSO
audacious(1), wmaker(1), Version 0.8 12 Feb 2012 WMAUDA(1)

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SYSTEM-CONFIG-PRIN(1)						     Man pages						     SYSTEM-CONFIG-PRIN(1)

system-config-printer-applet - print job manager SYNOPSIS
system-config-printer-applet [--no-tray-icon] DESCRIPTION
system-config-printer-applet is a print job manager for CUPS. Normally it will display a printer icon in the notification area, greyed out when there are no print jobs for the current user. Clicking on the icon displays a simple print job manager for cancelling or reprinting jobs. To save memory, the applet waits first of all until the user has printed a job before putting the icon in the notification area. To invoke the print job manager before a job has been printed, run the applet with the --no-tray-icon option: a desktop file is provided for this, so that it should appear in the system menu. As well as displaying a printer icon in the notification area, the applet also provides a D-BUS server for the com.redhat.PrintDriverSelection interface, to help configure a new printer when it is plugged in. OPTIONS
--help Display a short usage message. --version Display the version of the applet. --no-tray-icon Do not display an icon in the notification area. Quit when the job manager window is closed. AUTHOR
Tim Waugh <> Author. system-config-printer 21 May 2007 SYSTEM-CONFIG-PRIN(1)

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