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tilestache-server(1) [debian man page]

TILESTACHE-SERVER(1)					      General Commands Manual					      TILESTACHE-SERVER(1)

tilestache-server - seed a single layer in your TileStache configuration SYNOPSIS
tilestache-server [options] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the tilestache-server command. tilestache-server serves tiles through Werkzeug, using a tilestache configuration file. OPTIONS
-c, --config file Path to configuration file. Defaults to tilestache.cfg. -i, --ip address IP address to listen to. Defaults to -p, --port port Port number to listen to. Defaults to 8080. --include-path paths Add the following colon-separated list of paths to Python's include path (aka sys.path). -h, --help Show summary of options. SEE ALSO
tilestache-render(1) tilestache-seed(1) AUTHOR
TileStache was written by Michal Migurski <>. This manual page was written by David Paleino <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). Jan 24, 2011 TILESTACHE-SERVER(1)

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ODS-SERVER(1)							   User Commands						     ODS-SERVER(1)

ods-server - minimal OBEX server based on obex-data-server SYNOPSIS
ods-server [options] profile path DESCRIPTION
ods-server provides a minimal OBEX server based on obex-data-server for receiving files over bluetooth. profile selects the UUID-128 pro- file ID to use, currently opp and ftp can be used as aliases for object push and obex ftp respectively. path is the target directory for received files. OPTIONS
-h, --help show this help message and exit -l ADDRESS, --local=ADDRESS ADDRESS of Bluetooth adapter to listen on. Default is 00:00:00:00:00:00 -p, --pairing Require remote devices to be paired before allowing them to connect. Disabled by default -r, --readonly Disallow any write operations. Allowed by default -t, --thumbnails Require remote device to send thumbnails when using Imaging (BIP) server -a, --ask-to-accept Prompt user to accept or reject every file. By default all files are accepted AUTHOR
ods-server was written by Tadas Dailyda <> and is shipped as in the obex-data-server distribution This manual page was written by Filippo Giunchedi <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others). ods-server 0.4.4 May 2009 ODS-SERVER(1)
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