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stg-pick(1) [debian man page]

STG-PICK(1)							   StGit Manual 						       STG-PICK(1)

stg-pick - Import a patch from a different branch or a commit object SYNOPSIS
stg pick [options] ([<patch1>] [<patch2>] [<patch3>..<patch4>])|<commit> DESCRIPTION
Import one or more patches from a different branch or a commit object into the current series. By default, the name of the imported patch is used as the name of the current patch. It can be overridden with the --name option. A commit object can be reverted with the --revert option. The log and author information are those of the commit object. OPTIONS
-n NAME, --name NAME Use NAME as the patch name. -B REF-BRANCH, --ref-branch REF-BRANCH Pick patches from BRANCH. -r, --revert Revert the given commit object. -p COMMITID, --parent COMMITID Use COMMITID as parent. -x, --expose Append the imported commit id to the patch log. --fold Fold the commit object into the current patch. --update Like fold but only update the current patch files. -f FILE, --file FILE Only fold the given file (can be used multiple times). --unapplied Keep the patch unapplied. STGIT
Part of the StGit suite - see linkman:stg[1] StGit 03/13/2012 STG-PICK(1)

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STG-SERIES(1)							   StGit Manual 						     STG-SERIES(1)

stg-series - Print the patch series SYNOPSIS
stg series [options] [<patch-range>] DESCRIPTION
Show all the patches in the series, or just those in the given range, ordered from top to bottom. The applied patches are prefixed with a + (except the current patch, which is prefixed with a >), the unapplied patches with a -, and the hidden patches with a !. Empty patches are prefixed with a 0. OPTIONS
-b BRANCH, --branch BRANCH Use BRANCH instead of the default branch. -a, --all Show all patches, including the hidden ones. -A, --applied Show the applied patches only. -U, --unapplied Show the unapplied patches only. -H, --hidden Show the hidden patches only. -m BRANCH, --missing BRANCH Show patches in BRANCH missing in current. -c, --count Print the number of patches in the series. -d, --description Show a short description for each patch. --author Show the author name for each patch. -e, --empty Before the +, >, -, and ! prefixes, print a column that contains either 0 (for empty patches) or a space (for non-empty patches). --showbranch Append the branch name to the listed patches. --noprefix Do not show the patch status prefix. -s, --short List just the patches around the topmost patch. STGIT
Part of the StGit suite - see linkman:stg[1] StGit 03/13/2012 STG-SERIES(1)

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