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STARTFLUXBOX(1) 						  Fluxbox Manual						   STARTFLUXBOX(1)

startfluxbox - start a fluxbox session SYNOPSIS
startfluxbox DESCRIPTION
startfluxbox is a script which runs the file ~/.fluxbox/startup If it doesn't exist it will be generated. startfluxbox should be started from your ~/.xinitrc if you use startx, or ~/.xsession if you run a display manager, like xdm. FILES
~/.fluxbox/startup This file contains all commands that should be executed before fluxbox is started. The initial file contains helpful comments for beginners. It also starts fluxbox. EXAMPLES
The default ~/.fluxbox/startup is as follows: #!/bin/sh # # fluxbox startup-script: # # Lines starting with a '#' are ignored. # Change your keymap: xmodmap "$HOME/.Xmodmap" # Applications you want to run with fluxbox. # MAKE SURE THAT APPS THAT KEEP RUNNING HAVE AN ''&'' AT THE END. # # unclutter -idle 2 & # wmnd & # wmsmixer -w & # idesk & # And last but not least we start fluxbox. # Because it is the last app you have to run it with ''exec'' before it. exec fluxbox # or if you want to keep a log: # exec fluxbox -log "$fluxdir/log" If you need to start applications after fluxbox, you can change the exec fluxbox line above to something like this: exec fluxbox & fbpid=$! sleep 1 { xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr -fg white -bg black & ipager & gkrellm2 & } & wait $fbpid So xsetroot, ipager, and gkrellm2 will all be started after fluxbox, after giving fluxbox 1 second to startup. For more details on what else you can do in this script, see sh(1), or the documentation for your shell. AUTHORS
The author of startfluxbox(1) is Han Boetes <han at> This manpage was converted to asciidoc format by Jim Ramsay < at> for fluxbox-1.1.2 SEE ALSO
fluxbox(1) AUTHOR
Jim Ramsay <> Author. startfluxbox.txt 28 October 2011 STARTFLUXBOX(1)

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fbdesk(1)							     WM Utils								 fbdesk(1)

fbdesk - Icons on the desktop SYNOPSIS
fbdesk [option] OPTIONS
-display DISPLAY Connect to display. -na Do not use antialias features. -rc RESOURCE FILE Default configuration file to read is ~/.fluxbox/init Print available options. -v Print the version number. DESCRIPTION
Fbdesk is a fluxbox-util application that creates and manage icons on your Fluxbox desktop. Features implemented include: - Transparent text and icon - xpm, png, jpg, jfi, jfif, pnm, ppm, pgm, pbm, pam, tga, gif and bmp image loading - Antialias text - UTF-8 and multibyte support - Vertical text - Grid Snapping - GUI for editing command/label and add/remove icons - Fluxbox menu style ENVIRONMENT
The defaul configuration file is ~/.fluxbox/init whose entries: fbdesk.iconFile: filename to icon file (default: ~/.fluxbox/fbdesk.icons) fbdesk.font: icon font name (default: fixed) fbdesk.textColor: color for icon text (default: black) fbdesk.textBackground: color (default: white) fbdesk.snapX: x snap size (default: 5) fbdesk.snapY: y snap size (default: 5) fbdesk.doubleClickInterval: time interval between clicks for a double click (default: 200) fbdesk.textPlacement: placement for text around icon image (default: Bottom) fbdesk.lockPositions: bool (default: false) # Possible values for text placement: Left, Right, Top and Bottom session.styleFile: style file for menu (default: none) this one is read from ~/.fluxbox/init The Icon file format is: # this is a comment # Start of one icon entry [Deskop Entry] Icon=the image filename Name=the icon label Exec=what it executes Pos= 123 456 # position of the icon [end] # end of one icon entry An example of iconfile: [Desktop Entry] Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-home.png Name=aterm Exec=aterm Pos= 100 100 [end] SEE ALSO
dfm(1) rox-files(1) xtdesk(1) Homepage AUTHORS
Program author Henrik Kinnunen <> This manual page was written by Jari Aalto <> for the Debian GNU system (but may be used by others). Released under GPL v2 or any later version. fbdesk 2012-03-09 fbdesk(1)

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