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sc_warts2text(1) [debian man page]

SC_WARTS2TEXT(1)					    BSD General Commands Manual 					  SC_WARTS2TEXT(1)

sc_warts2text -- simple dump of information contained in a warts file. SYNOPSIS
sc_warts2text [-d ip2descr-file] [file ...] DESCRIPTION
The sc_warts2text utility provides a simple dump of information contained in a sequence of warts files. The output is the same as that which would have been provided by scamper if the text output option had been chosen instead of the warts output option when the data was collected. The options are as follows: -d ip2descr-file specifies the name of a file with IP-address, description mappings, one mapping per line. See the examples section for further information. While the output of sc_warts2text is structured and suitable for initial analyses of results, the format of the output is not suitable for automated parsing and analysis as the output of sc_warts2text will change overtime with no regard to backwards compatibility. Analyses of the contents of a warts file should be made using specialised programs which link against the scamper file API. EXAMPLES
The command: sc_warts2text file1.warts file2.warts will decode and print the contents of file1.warts, followed by the contents of file2.warts. The command: gzcat file1.warts.gz | sc_warts2text will print the contents of the uncompressed file supplied on stdin. Given a set of IP-address, description pairs in a file name mappings.txt: "foo" "bar" then the command gzcat file1.warts.gz | sc_warts2text -d mappings.txt will print the description associated with a given destination address before each result is presented. SEE ALSO
scamper(1), sc_wartsdump(1) AUTHORS
sc_warts2text is written by Matthew Luckie <>. BSD
October 15, 2010 BSD

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SC_WARTS2PCAP(1)					    BSD General Commands Manual 					  SC_WARTS2PCAP(1)

sc_warts2pcap -- write packets included in warts object to a pcap file. SYNOPSIS
sc_warts2pcap [-o outfile] [-s sort] [file ...] DESCRIPTION
The sc_warts2pcap utility provides the ability to extract packets embedded in the tbit, sting, and sniff warts objects and write them to a pcap file, which can be read by tcpdump and wireshark. The options are as follows: -o outfile specifies the name of the output file. If no output file is specified, it will be written to the standard output, provided that it is not a tty. -o sort specifies how the pcap records (packets) are sorted before being written out. By default, no sorting is applied; the packets are grouped as they are in the warts file. If packet sorting is specified, the packets are written out in timestamp order. Note that this operation requires the packets to be read into memory to be sorted, so it will require a corresponding amount of memory to com- plete. EXAMPLES
The command: sc_warts2pcap -o output.pcap file1.warts file2.warts will read the packet objects from file1.warts, and then file2.warts, and write them to output.pcap. The command: gzcat file1.warts.gz | sc_warts2pcap -s packet >file1.pcap will read the contents of the uncompressed warts file supplied on stdin, sort the packets by their timestamp, and then write the output to file1.pcap. SEE ALSO
scamper(1), tcpdump(1) AUTHORS
sc_warts2pcap is written by Stephen Eichler and Matthew Luckie. BSD
October 15, 2010 BSD

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