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py3compile(1) [debian man page]

PY3COMPILE(1)							   User Commands						     PY3COMPILE(1)

py3compile - byte compile Python 3 source files SYNOPSIS
py3compile [-V [X.Y][-][A.B]] DIR_OR_FILE [-X REGEXPR] py3compile -p PACKAGE DESCRIPTION
Wrapper around py_compile to byte-compile python files. OPTIONS
--version Show program's version number and exit. -h, --help Show this help message and exit. -f, --force Force rebuild of byte-code files even if timestamps are up-to-date. -O Byte-compile to .pyo files. -q, --quiet Be quiet. -v, --verbose Turn verbose mode on -p PACKAGE, --package=PACKAGE Specify Debian package name whose files should be bytecompiled. -V VRANGE Force private modules to be bytecompiled with Python version from given range, regardless of the default Python version in the sys- tem. If there are no other options, bytecompile all public modules for installed Python versions that match given range. VER- SION_RANGE examples: '3.1' (version 3.1 only), '3.1-' (version 3.1 or newer), '3.1-3.3' (version 3.1 or 3.2), '-4.0' (all supported 3.X versions). -X REGEXPR, --exclude=REGEXPR exclude items that match given REGEXPR. You may use this option multiple times to build up a list of things to exclude. py3compile 0.9 September 2010 PY3COMPILE(1)

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DH_PYSUPPORT(1) 						  python-support						   DH_PYSUPPORT(1)

dh_pysupport - use the python-support framework to handle Python modules SYNOPSIS
dh_pysupport [debhelper options] [-V X.Y] [-X item [...]] [-n] [module dirs ...] DESCRIPTION
dh_pysupport is a debhelper program that will scan your package, detect public modules in /usr/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages, and move them to the shared Python modules location. It will generate appropriate postinst/prerm scripts to byte-compile modules installed there for all available python versions. It will also look for private Python modules and will byte-compile them with the current Python version. You may have to list the directories containing private Python modules. If a file named debian/pyversions exists, it is used to determine the python versions with which the package can work. Appropriate dependencies on python-support, python and pythonX.Y are put in ${python:Depends}. The ${python:Versions} and ${python:Provides} optional substitution variables are made available as well. OPTIONS
module dirs If your package installs private python modules in non-standard directories, you can make dh_pysupport check those directories by passing their names on the command line. By default, it will check /usr/lib/$PACKAGE, /usr/share/$PACKAGE, /usr/lib/games/$PACKAGE and /usr/share/games/$PACKAGE -n, --noscripts Do not modify postinst/postrm scripts. -d This option is deprecated. -V X.Y Force private modules to be bytecompiled with the specific X.Y python version, regardless of the default python version on the system. -X item, --exclude=item Exclude files that contain "item" anywhere in their filename from being taken into account to generate the python dependency. It also excludes them from byte-compilation. You may use this option multiple times to build up a list of things to exclude. CONFORMS TO
Python policy as of 2006-08-10 SEE ALSO
debhelper(7) This program is a part of python-support but is made to work with debhelper. AUTHORS
Josselin Mouette <>, Raphael Hertzog <> 1.0.15 2012-06-30 DH_PYSUPPORT(1)

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