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puzzle-diff(1) [debian man page]

PUZZLE-DIFF(1)															    PUZZLE-DIFF(1)

puzzle-diff - Compare pictures with libpuzzle SYNOPSIS
[-b <contrast barrier for cropping>] [-c] [-C <max cropping ratio>] [-e] [-E <similarity threshold>] [-h] [-H <max height>] [-l <lambdas>] [-n <noise cutoff>] [-p <p ratio>] [-t] [-W <max width>] <file 1> <file 2> DESCRIPTION
puzzle-diff compares two pictures and outputs the normalized distance. Try puzzle-diff -h for more info. EXAMPLES
Output distance between two images: $ puzzle-diff pic-a-0.jpg pics-a-1.jpg 0.102286 Compare two images, exit with 10 if they look the same, exit with 20 if they don't (may be useful for scripts): $ puzzle-diff -e pic-a-0.jpg pics-a-1.jpg $ echo $? 10 Compute distance, without cropping and with computing the average intensity of the whole blocks: $ puzzle-diff -p 1.0 -c pic-a-0.jpg pic-a-1.jpg 0.0523151 AUTHORS
Frank DENIS libpuzzle at pureftpd dot org SEE ALSO
libpuzzle(3), puzzle_set(3) 2012-05-09 PUZZLE-DIFF(1)

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TREE-PUZZLE(1)						      General Commands Manual						    TREE-PUZZLE(1)

tree-puzzle - Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihood SYNOPSIS
tree-puzzle DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the tree-puzzle command. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual page. TREE-PUZZLE is the new name for the program previously known as PUZZLE! tree-puzzle is an interactive console program that implements a fast tree search algorithm, quartet puzzling, that allows analysis of large data sets and automatically assigns estimations of support to each internal branch. TREE-PUZZLE also computes pairwise maximum likelihood distances as well as branch lengths for user specified trees. Branch lengths can also be calculated under the clock-assumption. In addi- tion, TREE-PUZZLE offers a novel method, likelihood mapping, to investigate the support of a hypothesized internal branch without computing an overall tree and to visualize the phylogenetic content of a sequence alignment. There is also a paralellized version tree-ppuzzle available. OPTIONS
There are no options. For usage please look at /usr/share/doc/tree-puzzle/tree-puzzle.pdf. SEE ALSO
phylip(1), treetool(1). tree-ppuzzle(1). This manual page was written by Dr. Guenter Bechly <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). April 20, 2001 TREE-PUZZLE(1)
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