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PSPRESENT(1)						      General Commands Manual						      PSPRESENT(1)

pspresent - fullscreen PostScript presentation tool SYNOPSIS
pspresent [options] DESCRIPTION
pspresent is a tool that displays PostScript slides in fullscreen, for giving presentations. Navigation is simple, and the display is dou- ble-buffered for seamless transitions between slides. The actual rendering is done in the background using Ghostscript. OPTIONS
-h Show summary of options. -o Do not override window manager. pspresent will attempt to disable decorations and resize itself to the size of the screen, but will otherwise co-operate with your window manager (which may mean that it is not truly fullscreen). -s Limit pspresent to only use the given head on a XINERAMA display. -O Portrait|Landscape|Upside-Down|Seascape Override orientation. -l Loop mode; go to start of document when at end, and vice versa. -t[delay] Automatic slideshow mode. The delay is optional, the default value is 20 seconds. -Tfile Automatic slideshow mode. The file contains one integer value per line, corresponding to the delay between the current slide and the next one. You must put a value for each page of your document (count overlays, too). A value of 0 will disable the timer for the current slide. COMMANDS
The following keys can be used from within pspresent to navigate the slides. If Shift is depressed, then only the last page of each series of overlays is shown (an overlay set is identified as a series of pages with the same logical page number). spacebar page down right arrow down arrow Move to the next slide. If Shift is depressed, skips overlays. backspace page up left arrow up arrow Move to the previous slide. If Shift is depressed, skips overlays. home Warp to the start of the presentation. end Warp to the end of the preesentation. number enter Warp to slide number. escape q Quit the program. The mouse buttons can also be used to navigate through a presentation. left button Move to the next slide. middle button Quit the program. right button Move to the previous slide. If Shift is used together together with the navigation keys or buttons, then only the last page of each series of overlays is shown (an overlay set is identified as a series of pages with the same logical page number). AUTHOR
pspresent was written by Matt Chapman <> This manual page was originally written by Jamie Wilkinson <>. January 24, 2005 PSPRESENT(1)

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Spork::Config(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					Spork::Config(3pm)

Spork::Config - Spork Configuration Class SETTINGS
This is a list of all the current configuration options in alphabetical order: o author_email The presentation author's email address. o author_name The presentation author's full name. o author_webpage The presentation author's webpage. o auto_scrolldown When a multipart slide is too long for the display, force it to scroll all the way down when you link to it. o banner_bgcolor Background color for the banner boxes at the top and bottom of each slide. o character_encoding I18N character encoding. You probably want 'utf-8'. o copyright_string A copyright message to be displayed on each slide. o download_method Which program to use when downloading images. Possible values are: wget - default curl lwp o file_base A path to prepend to any relative file path provided to the "<file<..." >> directive. o file_base A path to prepend to any relative file path provided to the "<file<..." >> directive. o formatter_class Perl module to be used for slides formatting. You probably won't change this unless you are up to the task of writing your own custom formatter. o image_width This is the default width that all images in your slideshow will be scaled to. o link_index Text for link to index page. o link_next Text for link to next page. o link_previous Text for link to previous page. o logo_image A small image to put at the bottom of each slide. You can leave this value empty if you don't have a logo. o mouse_controls If this is turned off, clicking on the page will not advance the screen. This is useful if you like to use the mouse to hilight things on the page. o show_controls If this is turned off, the control links (previous, index, next) will not display. o slides_directory The directory where all your slides will be written to when you do "spork -make". o slides_file The name of the file that you write all of your slides in. o start_command The command that gets executed when you type "spork -make". o template_class The Perl module that is used for template processing. This module also contains the default templates that are used. Possible values are: Spork::Template::TT2 (Template Toolkit - default) Spork::Template::Mason (HTML::Mason - by Dave Rolsky) Spork::Template::Simple (Simplistic version with no dependencies) o template_directory The directory where spork writes all its templates during "spork -make". Templates will only be written if this directory does not exist. So to force templates to be upgraded, delete this directory. This directory should be listed in "template_path". o template_path A list of template directories to be used by the template processing class. AUTHOR
Brian Ingerson <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2004, 2005. Brian Ingerson. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perl v5.10.0 2005-03-25 Spork::Config(3pm)
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