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pg_buildext(1) [debian man page]

PG_BUILDEXT(1)						 Debian PostgreSQL infrastructure					    PG_BUILDEXT(1)

pg_buildext - Build and install a PostgreSQL extension SYNOPSIS
pg_buildext action srcdir target opts DESCRIPTION
pg_buildext is a script that will build a PostgreSQL extension in a VPATH way. It supports the configure, build, install, and clean actions, and will choose to build for the intersection of versions known in debian/pgversions (versions supported by the package) and in /usr/share/postgresql-common/supported-versions (versions supported in this release). OPTIONS
action One of configure, build, install, or clean. srcdir Where to find the extension sources, including the debian subdirectory. (Usually $(CURDIR).) If not specified, defaults to the current directory. target The target directory where to build the sources, it will get created for you if it does not exist. If the target contains a %v sign, it will get replaced by the specific version of PostgreSQL being built against. (Usually build-%v.) opts %v signs in opts will get replaced as in target. configure Options to pass to the configure script. (Most PostgreSQL extensions do not have a configure script.) build Custom CFLAGS options to use for the build. install Package name to install for. Make will be called with DESTDIR="srcdir/debian/package". clean clean does not take extra options. USAGE
As pg_buildext invokes make for the build, install, and clean actions, invocations from debian/rules (which is a makefile) should be prefixed with + so the sub-makes can talk with the make jobserver. EXAMPLE
build-stamp: +pg_buildext configure $(CURDIR) build-%v "--libdir=/usr/lib/postgresql/%v/lib --datadir=/usr/share/postgresql-%v-plsh" +pg_buildext build $(CURDIR) build-%v install: build +pg_buildext install $(CURDIR) build-%v postgresql-%v-plsh clean: +pg_buildext clean $(CURDIR) build-%v AUTHOR
Dimitri Fontaine <>, with extensions by Christoph Berg <>. Debian 2012-10-08 PG_BUILDEXT(1)

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DH_CLEAN(1)							     Debhelper							       DH_CLEAN(1)

dh_clean - clean up package build directories SYNOPSIS
dh_clean [debhelperoptions] [-k] [-d] [-Xitem] [file...] DESCRIPTION
dh_clean is a debhelper program that is responsible for cleaning up after a package is built. It removes the package build directories, and removes some other files including debian/files, and any detritus left behind by other debhelper commands. It also removes common files that should not appear in a Debian diff: #*# *~ DEADJOE *.orig *.rej *.SUMS TAGS .deps/* *.P *-stamp It does not run "make clean" to clean up after the build process. Use dh_auto_clean(1) to do things like that. dh_clean (or "dh clean") should be the last debhelper command run in the clean target in debian/rules. FILES
debian/clean Can list other files to be removed. OPTIONS
-k, --keep This is deprecated, use dh_prep(1) instead. -d, --dirs-only Only clean the package build directories, do not clean up any other files at all. -Xitem --exclude=item Exclude files that contain item anywhere in their filename from being deleted, even if they would normally be deleted. You may use this option multiple times to build up a list of things to exclude. file ... Delete these files too. SEE ALSO
debhelper(7) This program is a part of debhelper. AUTHOR
Joey Hess <> 9.20120909 2011-10-19 DH_CLEAN(1)

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