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JAPA(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   JAPA(1)

japa - jack or alsa perceptual analyser SYNOPSIS
japa {-h|-A|-J} [options] DESCRIPTION
Japa (JACK and ALSA Perceptual Analyser), is a 'perceptual' or 'psychoacoustic' audio spectrum analyser. Possible uses include spectrum monitoring while mixing or mastering, evaluation of ambient noise, and (using pink noise), equalisation of PA systems. For more information see /usr/share/doc/japa/README.gz. OPTIONS
One out of -A and -J must be given. -h Show summary of options. -J Use jack. -A Use alsa. -d <device> If using alsa: Specify alsa device. Defaults to hw:0.0. -r <rate> If using alsa: Specify sample frequency. Defaults to 48000. -p <period> If using alsa: Specify period size. Defaults to 1024. -n <nfrags> If using alsa: Specify number of fragments. Defaults to 2. SEE ALSO
jackd(1). AUTHOR
japa was written by Fons Adriaensen <>. This manual page was written by Helmut Grohne <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). July 7, 2007 JAPA(1)

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JCONV(1)						      General Commands Manual							  JCONV(1)

jconv - is a Convolution Engine for JACK using FFT-based partitioned convolution with multiple partition sizes. SYNOPSIS
jconv [options][config-file][connect-file] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the jconv program. jconv is a Convolution Engine for JACK, based on FFT convolution using the convolution engine for reverberation processing. This distrib- utes the calculation over up to five threads, one for each partition size, running at priorities just below the the one of JACK's process- ing thread. To run this program you need config file and wav file for convolution. Demo config files you can find in /usr/share/jack-jconv/config-files directory. (You have to edit path to your convolution wav file) Set of wav files you can download from Fons Adriaensen's web pages (jconv- reverbs.tar.bz2) or you can use another convolution files which are supported by libsndfile. Some other info can be found in README and README.COFNFIG files in /usr/share/doc/jack-jconv. OPTIONS
A summary of options is included below. -h Display short help -v Print partition list to stdout [off] -L <nframes> Try to compensate <nframes> latency -M Use the FFTW_MEASURE option [off] -N <name> Name to use as JACK client [jconv] SEE ALSO
jackd(1), AUTHOR
jconv was written by Fons Adriaensen <>. This manual page was written by Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). March 23, 2009 JCONV(1)
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