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Gimmix(1)						      General Commands Manual							 Gimmix(1)

Gimmix - a graphical music player daemon (MPD) client SYNOPSIS
This manual page documents briefly the gimmix command. gimmix is a graphical music player daemon (MPD) client written in C using GTK+2. It's very simple and easy to use, yet offers many fea- tures to make your audio experience a pleasant one. CONFIGURATION
Default configuration file location is $HOME/.gimmixrc. List of valid configuration options : mpd_hostname (mandatory) hostname mpd_port (mandatory) port number mpd_port (mandatory) mpd password. Leave blank for no password enable_systray (mandatory) Enable/Disable the system tray icon. Enable is true, Disable is false. enable_notification (mandatory) Enable/Disable the notification tooltip. Enable is true, Disable is false. music_directory (mandatory) The absolute path to the directory where your music is stored. This is same as the one you specified in your mpd.conf. This setting is required for the tag editor to function properly. play_on_add If true, songs will automatically be played when you add them to the playlist. If false, songs will just be added to the playlist. Default value is false. stop_on_exit If true, gimmix will stop playing when user quits gimmix. If false, gimmix will not stop playing when user quits gimmix. Default value is false. enable_search If true, search mode is enabled in library browser. If false, search mode will be disabled. Default value is true. update_on_startup If true, gimmix will update the mpd database everytime on startup. If false, gimmix won't update the mpd database on startup. Default value is false. full_view_mode If true, the playlist will be expanded by default when gimmix starts. If false, gimmix will start in compact mode (This is automati- cally set by gimmix, so, its not necessary to set this value always) window_xpos and window_ypos x and y co-ordinates representing window position of gimmix (These values are automatically set, so, its not necessary to set these values) window_width and window_height These represt the window geometry of gimmix (These values are automatically set, so, its not necessary to set these values) coverart_enable Enable/disable amazon cover art plugin coverart_location Amazon's server location to fetch covers from. Values : com | | jp | fr | ca | de SEE ALSO
Website: AUTHOR
Gimmix was written by Priyank Gosalia <>. This manual page was written by Vincent Legout <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). July 20, 2008 Gimmix(1)

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MPD-SIMA.CFG(5) 					       mpd-sima User Manual						   MPD-SIMA.CFG(5)

mpd-sima.cfg - mpd-sima will try to maintain some titles ahead in your play list following different policies. This manual document the configuration file for mpd-sima. DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly mpd-sima configuration options available in user configuration file (see the section called "FILES"). CONFIGURATION FILE
The configuration file consists of sections, led by a [section] header and followed by name: value entries, with continuations in the style of RFC 822 (see section 3.1.1, "LONG HEADER FIELDS"); name=value is also accepted. Lines beginning with '#' or ';' are ignored and may be used to provide comments. The default values are used in the options lists below. MPD section This section is meant to configure MPD access, MPD host address / port and password if necessary. [MPD] host=localhost Set MPD host. Use IP or FQDN. port=6600 Set host port to access MPD to. password=false Set MPD password to use. Do not use this option if you don't have enabled password protected access on your MPD server. log section Configure logging. [log] verbosity=info Logging verbosity among debug, info, warning, error. sima section This section allows you to tweak mpd-sima behaviour such as how many tracks to add and/or what queue mode you want etc.. [sima] queue_mode=track Queue mode to use among track, top and album (see the section called "QUEUE MODES" for info about queue modes). similarity=15 Similarity value as a percentage, use to filter similar artists results. The value of similarity is used to filter similar artists list from database ( and user db). dynamic=10 Dynamic value as an integer. Sets how many similar artists to retrieve from local music library. mpd-sima will try to gather at most dynamic artists from local media library at least similarity% similar. If dynamic is zero, then mpd-sima gathers all artists from similar artists list also present in local library and at least similarity% similar. user_db=false Look for user defined similarities in user data base. history_duration=8 How far to look back in history to avoid to play twice the same track/title (duration in hours). consume=0 How many played tracks to keep in the play list. Allow to maintain a fixed length play list. Set to 0 to keep all played tracks. single_album=false Prevent from queueing a track from the same album (it often happens with OST). Only relevant in "track" queue mode. check_new_version=false Checks the forge for new version of MPD_sima. The following options are still part of sima section but you usually do not need to change them. queue_length=1 This value triggers queue process if the play list length is less than specified queue_length. track_to_add=1 How many track(s) to add. Only relevant in top and track queue modes. album_to_add=1 How many album(s) to add. Only relevant in album queue modes. QUEUE MODES
mpd-sima offers different queue modes. All of them pick up tracks from artists similar to the one currently played. mpd-sima tries preferably to chose among unplayed artists or at least not recently played artist. Concerning track and album queue modes titles are chosen purely at random among unplayed tracks. track Queue a similar track chosen at random from a similar artist. top Queue a track from a similar artist, chosen among "top tracks" according to data mining. album Queue a whole album chosen at random from a similar artist. Nota Bene: Due to the track point of view of database build upon tracks tags an album lookup for a specific artist will return albums as soon as this artist appears in a single track of the album. For instance looking for album from "The Velvet Underground" will fetch "Last Days" and "Juno" OSTs because the band appears on the soundtrack of these two movies. A solution is for you to set AlbumArtists tag to something different than the actual artist of the track. For compilations, OSTs etc. a strong convention is to use "Various Artists" for this tag. mpd-sima is currently looking for AlbumArtists tags and avoid album where this tag is set with "Various Artists". If a single track within an album is found with AlbumArtists:"Various Artists" the complete album is skipped and won't be queued. It is planned to allow users to set the values of AlbumArtists tag triggering this behaviour. cf. feature request #2085 on the tracker. FILES
Unless you override it mpd-sima will try to read the configuration file name mpd_sima.cfg in the standard location within XDG_CONFIG_HOME. ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/mpd_sima/mpd_sima.cfg The per-user configuration file. Usually XDG_CONFIG_HOME is set to ${HOME}/.config. EXAMPLES
Album queue mode. Here is an example of album queue configuration. [MPD] port=8000 [sima] queue_mode = album consume = 30 # keep 30 played tracks in playlist BUGS
The upstream BTS can be found at FEEDBACK
The maintainer would be more than happy to ear from you, don't hesitate to send feedback on the forge, via the upstream BTS, the forum or the chat room, all available on the forge at XMPP users are welcome to join the dedicated chat room at SEE ALSO
mpd-sima(1), simadb_cli(1) /usr/share/doc/mpd-sima/ AUTHOR
Jack Kaliko <> Wrote this man page and is currently leading MPD_sima project. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2009-2012 Jack Kaliko This manual page was written for the Debian system (and may be used by others). Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 3 published by the Free Software Foundation. On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General Public License can be found in /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL. mpd-sima 02/17/2012 MPD-SIMA.CFG(5)

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