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guilt-patchbomb(1) [debian man page]

GUILT-PATCHBOMB(1)						   Guilt Manual 						GUILT-PATCHBOMB(1)

guilt-patchbomb - Email a series of commits interactively SYNOPSIS
guilt-patchbomb [-n] [-s] [--in-reply-to <msgid>] [--git] [--subject-prefix <prefix>] [<hash> | <since>..[<until>] | ..<until>] DESCRIPTION
Send a series of commits via email asking for To, CC and other information interactively. OPTIONS
-n Don't send -s Don't add additional repository committer sign-offs to the patch. This allows the sign-off chain to be fully expressed in the commit messages and not changed by the act of sending a patchbomb. --in-reply-to <msgid> Set the In-reply-to header to the specified message id. This allows the patches to be sent as replies to an arbitrary message. --git Generate a patch which uses all the features offered by the git diff format (e.g., rename and copy detection). --subject-prefix <prefix> Rather than using the standard [PATCH] prefix in the subject line, use [<prefix>] instead. <hash> Only the specified revision. <since>..[<until>] Revisions starting from <since> until <until>. The <since> revision it self is NOT included, while <until> is. If <until> is not specified, it is assumed to be HEAD. ..<until> All revisions until the <until> revision (inclusive). AUTHOR
Written by Josef "Jeff" Sipek <[1]> DOCUMENTATION
Documentation by Brandon Philips <[2]> GUILT
Part of the guilt(7) suite (Generated for Guilt v0.35) NOTES
1. 2. Guilt v0.35 01/20/2013 GUILT-PATCHBOMB(1)

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GUILT-SELECT(1) 						   Guilt Manual 						   GUILT-SELECT(1)

guilt-select - Select guards to apply when pushing patches SYNOPSIS
guilt-select [ -n | --none | -s | --series | [--pop|--reapply] <guards...> ] DESCRIPTION
Select guards to apply when pushing patches. Guards are selected without the + or - prefix. Patches are applied in the following way: o An unguarded patch is always applied. o A patch with a positive guard is applied only if the guard is selected with guilt-select. o A patch with a negative guard is applied unless the guard is selected with guilt-select. OPTIONS
-n|--none Remove all selected guards --pop Pop back to the first guarded patch --reapply Pop back to first guarded patch, select a new guard, and push -s|--series List all guards listed in the series file AUTHOR
Written by Eric Lesh <[1]> DOCUMENTATION
Documentation by Eric Lesh <[1]> GUILT
Part of the guilt(7) suite (Generated for Guilt v0.35) NOTES
1. Guilt v0.35 01/20/2013 GUILT-SELECT(1)
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