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GSF(1)								       GNOME								    GSF(1)

gsf - archiving utility using the G Structured File library SYNOPSIS
This manual page briefly documents the gsf command. gsf is a simple archive utility, somewhat similar to tar(1). It operates on files following one of the structured file formats understood by the G Structured File library, for example, Microsoft Excel(TM) files. OPTIONS
Options -?, --help Show help options -v, --version Display gsf's version Subcommands cat Output one or more files in archive dump Dump one or more files in archive as formatted hexadecimal help List subcommands list List files in archive props Archive list of property names EXAMPLES
To list the content structure of a Microsoft Excel(TM) file arrays.xls: gsf list arrays.xls To dump Workbook, an individual data stream in arrays.xls: gsf dump arrays.xls Workbook AUTHORS
gsf's primary authors are Morten Welinder <> and Jody Goldberg <>. The initial version of this manpage was written by J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) <>. SEE ALSO
gnumeric(1) The Gnumeric homepage <> The GNOME project page <> gsf 29 November 2009 GSF(1)

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gsf-office-thumbnailer - office files thumbnailer for the GNOME desktop SYNOPSIS
gsf-office-thumbnailer [OPTIONS] infile outfile DESCRIPTION
This manual page briefly documents the gsf-office-thumbnailer command. gsf-office-thumbnailer is used internally by GNOME applications such as nautilus to generate thumbnails of several types of office applica- tion files. While it is possible to invoke it manually, it is usually invoked automatically by nautilus. OPTIONS
This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with single letter options starting with a single dash (`-') and longer options starting with two dashes (`--'). Main options -i, --input=filename Name of file for which to create a thumbnail -o, --output=filename Name of the file in which to store the thumbnail -s, --size=N Size of thumbnail in pixels; the thumbnail will be at most N*N pixels large. Help options -?, --help Display a brief usage message LICENSE
gsf-office-thumbnailer is licensed under the terms of version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) as published by the Free Software Foundation. For information on this license look at the source code that came with the software or see the GNU project page <>. AUTHOR
gsf-office-thumbnailer's primary author is Federico Mena-Quintero <>. The initial version of this manpage was written by J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) <>. gsf August 17, 2005 GSF-OFFICE-THUMBNAILER(1)
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