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GFGROUP(1)																GFGROUP(1)

gfgroup - Gfarm group maintenance command SYNOPSIS
gfgroup [ -P path ] [ -l ] [ group ... ] gfgroup [ -P path ] -c groupname [ user ... ] gfgroup [ -P path ] -m groupname [ user ... ] gfgroup [ -P path ] -d groupname DESCRIPTION
gfgroup manages Gfarm groups in Gfarm file system. Default action displays all registered groups. When group names are specified, speci- fied groups are displayed. Gfarm administrator can creates, modifies, and deletes a Gfarm group by -c, -m, and -d options, respectively. OPTIONS
-P path This option specifies a pathname or a Gfarm URL to identify a metadata server which will be accessed by this command. If not speci- fied, "/" is used as the default value. -l Displays group names and the group members. -c Creates a group in Gfarm file system by specifying a group name and initial group members. This option can be used by Gfarm admin- istrators. -m Replaces group members of the group with new group members. This option can be used by Gfarm administrators. -d Deletes a group. This option can be used by Gfarm administrators. -? Displays a list of command options. SEE ALSO
gfuser(1) Gfarm 20 January 2010 GFGROUP(1)

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GFMD(8) 																   GFMD(8)

gfmd(8) - Gfarm metadata server SYNOPSIS
gfmd [ options ] DESCRIPTION
gfmd is a Gfarm filesystem metadata server for accessing the filesystem metadata of the Gfarm filesystem. gfmd must be running on a meta- data server node in advance. It is possible for gfmd to be executed as a non-privileged user process, although only the user that executes the gfmd can be authenti- cated. Other users cannot use it. For details, see SETUP.private.en document To access gfmd, the hostname and the port number should be specified by the metadb_server_host and metadb_server_port statements, respec- tively, in ~/.gfarm2rc or in %%SYSCONFDIR%%/gfarm2.conf on a client node. OPTIONS
-L log-level Specifies a log priority level. The log output, which priority is higher or equal to this level, will be sent to syslog or standard error. Please refer gfarm2.conf(5) for the priority levels which can be specified by this option. -P pid-file Specifies a file name to be used to record the process ID of gfmd. -d Specifies the debug mode. With the -d option, gfmd runs as a foreground process, not a daemon. If this option is specified and -L is not specified, the log level is set to "debug". -f config-file Specifies a configuration file that is read instead of the default configuration file. -p port Specifies a port number to be used by gfmd. -s syslog-facility Specifies a syslog facility to report errors encountered by gfmd. By default, local0 is used. -v Makes gfmd output verbose log message on authentication. This is useful, when one has to resolve an issue about GSI authenticaion. -? Displays a list of command options. FILES
%%SYSCONFDIR%%/gfmd.conf configuration file SEE ALSO
gfarm2.conf(5) Gfarm 20 December 2010 GFMD(8)

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