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gcstar(1) [debian man page]

GCSTAR(1)							Linux User's Manual							 GCSTAR(1)

GCstar - Personal collection manager SYNOPSIS
GCstar is a Gtk2 program used to manage personal collections. OPTIONS
Without any option, it will open FILENAME if specified or the previously opened file. There are also two groups of options. UPDATE-OPTIONS -u, --update Tell GCstar to look for available updates -a, --all Update all components -c, --collection Update collection models -w, --website Update plugins to download information -i, --import Update plugins to import data -e, --export Update plugins to export data -l, --lang Update translations -n, --noproxy Don't ask for a proxy EXECUTE-OPTIONS -x, --execute Enter non-interactive mode -c, --collection MODEL Specify the collection type -w, --website PLUGIN Specify the plugin to use to download information -i, --import PLUGIN Specify the plugin to use to import a collection -e, --export PLUGIN Specify the plugin to use to export the collection -f, --fields FILENAME File containing fields list to use for import/export -o, --output FILENAME Write output in FILENAME instead of standard output --download TITLE Search for the item with TITLE as name --importprefs PREFERENCES Preferences for the import plugin --exportprefs PREFERENCES Preferences for the export plugin Preferences for import/export plugins are specified using this schema Key1=>Value1,Key2=>Value2 ENVIRONMENT
HOME Used to define following variables if needed XDG_CONFIG_HOME Where configuration files should be stored. If not defined: $HOME/.config XDG_DATA_HOME Where some data will be stored. If not defined: $HOME/.local/share BUGS REPORTING
To report bugs, please use this forum: AUTHORS
Tian <> GCstar 17 August 2006 GCSTAR(1)

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mkfs.reiser4(8) 						reiser4progs manual						   mkfs.reiser4(8)

mkfs.reiser4 - the program for creating reiser4 filesystem. SYNOPSIS
mkfs.reiser4 [ options ] FILE1 FILE2 ... [ size[K|M|G] ] DESCRIPTION
mkfs.reiser4 is reiser4 filesystem creation program. It is based on new libreiser4 library. Since libreiser4 is fully plugin-based, we have the potential to create not just reiser4 partitions, but any filesystem or database format, which is based on balanced trees. COMMON OPTIONS
-V, --version prints program version. -?, -h, --help prints program help. -y, --yes assumes an answer 'yes' to all questions. -f, --force forces mkfs to use whole disk, not block device or mounted partition. MKFS OPTIONS
-b, --block-size N block size to be used (architecture page size by default) -L, --label LABEL volume label to be used -U, --uuid UUID universally unique identifier to be used -s, --lost-found forces mkfs to create lost+found directory. PLUGIN OPTIONS
-p, --print-profile prints the plugin profile. This is the set of default plugins used for all parts of a filesystem -- format, nodes, files, directo- ries, hashes, etc. If --override is specified, then prints modified plugins. -l, --print-plugins prints all plugins libreiser4 know about. -o, --override TYPE=PLUGIN, ... overrides the default plugin of the type "TYPE" by the plugin "PLUGIN" in the plugin profile. Examples: assign short key plugin to "key" field in order to create filesystem with short keys policy: mkfs.reiser4 -yf -o key=key_short /dev/hda2 REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <> SEE ALSO
measurefs.reiser4(8), debugfs.reiser4(8), fsck.reiser4(8) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Yury Umanets <> reiser4progs 02 Oct, 2002 mkfs.reiser4(8)

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