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GALLEROOB(1)						      General Commands Manual						      GALLEROOB(1)

galleroob - browses and downloads web image galleries SYNOPSIS
galleroob [-dqv] [-b backends] [-cnfs] [command [arguments..]] galleroob [--help] [--version] DESCRIPTION
galleroob browses and downloads web image galleries Supported websites: * batoto (Batoto manga reading website) * eatmanga (EatManga manga reading website) * ehentai (E-Hentai galleries) * izneo (Izneo digital comics) * mangafox (Manga Fox manga reading website) * mangahere (Manga Here manga reading website) * mangareader (MangaReader manga reading website) * simplyreadit (SimplyReadIt manga reading website) GALLEROOB COMMANDS
download ID [FIRST [FOLDER]] Download a gallery. Begins at page FIRST (default: 0) and saves to FOLDER (default: title) info ID Get information about a gallery. search PATTERN List galleries matching a PATTERN. WEBOOB COMMANDS
backends [ACTION] [BACKEND_NAME]... Select used backends. ACTION is one of the following (default: list): * enable enable given backends * disable disable given backends * only enable given backends and disable the others * list list backends * add add a backend * register register a new account on a website * edit edit a backend * remove remove a backend * list-modules list modules cd [PATH] Follow a path. ".." is a special case and goes up one directory. "" is a special case and goes home. condition [EXPRESSION | off] If an argument is given, set the condition expression used to filter the results. If the "off" value is given, conditional filtering is disabled. If no argument is given, print the current condition expression. count [NUMBER | off] If an argument is given, set the maximum number of results fetched. NUMBER must be at least 1. "off" value disables counting, and allows infinite searches. If no argument is given, print the current count value. formatter [list | FORMATTER [COMMAND] | option OPTION_NAME [on | off]] If a FORMATTER is given, set the formatter to use. You can add a COMMAND to apply the formatter change only to a given command. If the argument is "list", print the available formatters. If the argument is "option", set the formatter options. Valid options are: header, keys. If on/off value is given, set the value of the option. If not, print the current value for the option. If no argument is given, print the current formatter. inspect BACKEND_NAME Display the HTML string of the current page of the specified backend's browser. If webkit_mechanize_browser Python module is installed, HTML is displayed in a WebKit GUI. logging [LEVEL] Set logging level. Availables: debug, info, warning, error. * quiet is an alias for error * default is an alias for warning ls [PATH] List objects in current path. If an argument is given, list the specified path. quit Quit the application. select [FIELD_NAME]... | "$direct" | "$full" If an argument is given, set the selected fields. $direct selects all fields loaded in one http request. $full selects all fields using as much http requests as necessary. If no argument is given, print the currently selected fields. OPTIONS
--version show program's version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -b BACKENDS, --backends=BACKENDS what backend(s) to enable (comma separated) LOGGING OPTIONS
-d, --debug display debug messages -q, --quiet display only error messages -v, --verbose display info messages --logging-file=LOGGING_FILE file to save logs -a, --save-responses save every response RESULTS OPTIONS
-c CONDITION, --condition=CONDITION filter result items to display given a boolean expression -n COUNT, --count=COUNT get a maximum number of results (all backends merged) -s SELECT, --select=SELECT select result item keys to display (comma separated) FORMATTING OPTIONS
-f FORMATTER, --formatter=FORMATTER select output formatter (csv, gallery_list, htmltable, multiline, simple, table, webkit) --no-header do not display header --no-keys do not display item keys -O OUTFILE, --outfile=OUTFILE file to export result COPYRIGHT
Copyright(C) 2011 Noe Rubinstein For full COPYRIGHT see COPYING file with weboob package. FILES
"~/.config/weboob/backends" SEE ALSO
Home page: galleroob 0.c 04 May 2012 GALLEROOB(1)
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