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distro-info(1) [debian man page]

DISTRO-INFO(1)						      General Commands Manual						    DISTRO-INFO(1)

distro-info - provides information about the distributions' releases SYNOPSIS
distro-info is a symlink to the distro-info command for your distribution. On Debian it links to debian-distro-info and on Ubuntu it links to ubuntu-distro-info. All options described in this manual page are available in all distro-info commands. All other options, which are not described here, are distribution specific. OPTIONS
--date=DATE date for calculating the version (default: today) -h, --help display help message and exit -a, --all list all known versions -d, --devel latest development version -s, --stable latest stable version --supported list of all supported stable versions --unsupported list of all unsupported stable versions -c, --codename print the codename (default) -r, --release print the release version -f, --fullname print the full name SEE ALSO
debian-distro-info(1), ubuntu-distro-info(1) AUTHOR
The script and this manual page was written by Benjamin Drung <>. distro-info January 2011 DISTRO-INFO(1)

Check Out this Related Man Page

ltsp-info(1)															      ltsp-info(1)

ltsp-info -- display troubleshooting information about ltsp server and chroots SYNOPSIS
ltsp-info will display information useful to troubleshooting issues on an LTSP server. Information should include server distro and release, versions of LTSP related packages installed on the server, LTSP chroots and their package versions, LTSP image files and lts.conf(5). OPTIONS
--verbose Display more information, such as including the contents of detected files. --no-server-info Do not display server information. EXAMPLE
ltsp-info SEE ALSO
lts.conf(5) AVAILABILITY
ltsp-info is part of ltsp package and the latest versions are available in source form from (link to URL . AUTHOR
Copyright 2006-2010 Vagrant Cascadian <>, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version. Vagrant Cascadian 20100129 ltsp-info(1)

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