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deghosting_mask(1) [debian man page]


deghosting_mask - Creates mask for removing ghosting in images SYNOPSIS
deghosting_mask [options] <image1> <image2> ... DESCRIPTION
Takes a series of aligned photos, usually three or more, and generates masks for removal of ghosts - Data that only appears in a minority of photos. OPTIONS
-o|--output <path> Prefix for output masks -s|--sigma <float> Standard deviation of Gaussian weighting function (SIGMA > 0); default: 30 -i|--iterations <int> Number of iterations, default is (ITER > 0) default: 4 -t|--threshold <float> Threshold; default: 150 -c|--contrast <float> Change constrast before applying threshold; default: 1.3 -a|--advanced <f|g|m|t|w> Advanced settings. Possible options are: f Use gray images for computation. It's about two times faster but it usually returns worse results. You also have to change threshold to smaller value (around 100) g Use gamma 2.2 correction instead of logarithm if input images are HDR m Do not scale image, NOTE: slows down process t Use simple threshold, may result in holes in images w Compute "complete" weights, not only probabilities -w|--save <i|w> Advanced save settings i Save initial weigths w Save generated weigths -b <int> Image cache BLOCKSIZE in kilobytes; default: 2048KB -m <int> Set image CACHESIZE in megabytes; default: 1024MB -h|--help Display this help -v|--verbose <0|1> Verbose, repeat for more verbose output AUTHORS
LukA~XAaX JirkovskA~X "Version: 2011.4.0" 2011-12-02 DEGHOSTING_MASK(1)

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hugin_hdrmerge - Merge overlapping images SYNOPSIS
hugin_hdrmerge [options] -o output.exr input-files DESCRIPTION
-o prefix Output file -m mode Merge mode, can be one of: avg, avg_slow, khan (default), if avg, no -i, -s, or -d options apply -i iter Number of iterations to execute (default is 1) -c Only consider pixels that are defined in all images (avg mode only) -s file Debug files to save each iteration, can be one of: a - all debug files (can only be used alone) w - calculated weights from each iteration r - result image from each iteration s - source images before processing If verbose >= 3, all debug files are output unless specified -a calcs Apply one or more advanced calculations, can be one or more of: b - biasing weights logarithmically c - choose pixels with highest weight instead of averaging (overrides options -a b and -a d) d - choose a pixel with the highest weight instead of averaging when all pixel weights are within 10% of each other h - favour a high signal to noise ratio i - ignore alpha channel -e Export each initial weight to <input_file_paths>_iw.<ext> -l Load a previously exported initial weight with respect to the input file names NOTE: if both -e and -l options are on, the program will calculate and save the initial weights, then wait until user indicates that it can continue by loading the previously saved weights -v Verbose, print progress messages, repeat for even more verbose output -h Display help summary. AUTHORS
Written by Jing Jin. Also contains contributions from Pablo d'Angelo, Douglas Wilkins, Ippei Ukai, Ed Halley, Bruno Postle, Gerry Patterson and Brent Townshend. This man page was written by Cyril Brulebois <> and is licensed under the same terms as the hugin package itself. "Version: 2011.4.0" 2011-12-02 HUGIN_HDRMERGE(1)
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