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crashmaint(1) [debian man page]

CRASHMAINT(1)							     CrashMail							     CRASHMAINT(1)

crashmaint - Do maintanence on CrashMail message bases SYNOPSIS
crashmaint [MAINT] [PACK] [VERBOSE] [SETTINGS filename] [PATTERN pattern] DESCRIPTION
Deletes old messages according to KEEPNUM and KEEPDAYS in crashmail.prefs. The program can do two different operations on a messagebase, MAINT and PACK. The meaning of these two modes are different for different messagebase formats. *.msg MAINT deletes messages and PACK renumbers the area. JAM MAINT sets the Deleted flag for the messages. PACK removes all messages with the Deleted flag from the messagebase. Both MAINT and PACK can be specified at the same time. OPTIONS
SETTINGS filename Specifies that another config file than the default should be used. You can use the environment variable CMCONFIGFILE to set the default configuration file. PATTERN pattern Lets you perform the operations on only some of your areas. VERBOSE Gives you a lot of information which you don't really need. EXAMPLES
crashmail(1) AUTHOR
CrashMail is written by Johan Billing <> This manual page was written by Peter Karlsson <> Johan Billing 1999-08-01 CRASHMAINT(1)

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GIT-PACK-REDUNDANT(1)						    Git Manual						     GIT-PACK-REDUNDANT(1)

git-pack-redundant - Find redundant pack files SYNOPSIS
git pack-redundant [ --verbose ] [ --alt-odb ] < --all | .pack filename ... > DESCRIPTION
This program computes which packs in your repository are redundant. The output is suitable for piping to xargs rm if you are in the root of the repository. git pack-redundant accepts a list of objects on standard input. Any objects given will be ignored when checking which packs are required. This makes the following command useful when wanting to remove packs which contain unreachable objects. git fsck --full --unreachable | cut -d ' ' -f3 | git pack-redundant --all | xargs rm OPTIONS
--all Processes all packs. Any filenames on the command line are ignored. --alt-odb Don't require objects present in packs from alternate object directories to be present in local packs. --verbose Outputs some statistics to stderr. Has a small performance penalty. SEE ALSO
git-pack-objects(1) git-repack(1) git-prune-packed(1) GIT
Part of the git(1) suite Git 01/14/2014 GIT-PACK-REDUNDANT(1)
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