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llength(n) [centos man page]

llength(n)						       Tcl Built-In Commands							llength(n)


llength - Count the number of elements in a list SYNOPSIS
llength list _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
Treats list as a list and returns a decimal string giving the number of elements in it. EXAMPLES
The result is the number of elements: % llength {a b c d e} 5 % llength {a b c} 3 % llength {} 0 Elements are not guaranteed to be exactly words in a dictionary sense of course, especially when quoting is used: % llength {a b {c d} e} 4 % llength {a b { } c d e} 6 An empty list is not necessarily an empty string: % set var { }; puts "[string length $var],[llength $var]" 1,0 SEE ALSO
list(n), lappend(n), lindex(n), linsert(n), lsearch(n), lset(n), lsort(n), lrange(n), lreplace(n) KEYWORDS
element, list, length Tcl llength(n)

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lrange(n)						       Tcl Built-In Commands							 lrange(n)


lrange - Return one or more adjacent elements from a list SYNOPSIS
lrange list first last _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
List must be a valid Tcl list. This command will return a new list consisting of elements first through last, inclusive. The index values | first and last are interpreted the same as index values for the command string index, supporting simple index arithmetic and indices rela- | tive to the end of the list. If first is less than zero, it is treated as if it were zero. If last is greater than or equal to the number of elements in the list, then it is treated as if it were end. If first is greater than last then an empty string is returned. Note: "lrange list first first" does not always produce the same result as "lindex list first" (although it often does for simple fields that are not enclosed in braces); it does, however, produce exactly the same results as "list [lindex list first]" EXAMPLES
Selecting the first two elements: % lrange {a b c d e} 0 1 a b Selecting the last three elements: % lrange {a b c d e} end-2 end c d e Selecting everything except the first and last element: % lrange {a b c d e} 1 end-1 b c d Selecting a single element with lrange is not the same as doing so with lindex: % set var {some {elements to} select} some {elements to} select % lindex $var 1 elements to % lrange $var 1 1 {elements to} SEE ALSO
list(n), lappend(n), lindex(n), linsert(n), llength(n), lsearch(n), lset(n), lreplace(n), lsort(n), string(n) | KEYWORDS
element, list, range, sublist Tcl 7.4 lrange(n)
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