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bell(n) 						       Tk Built-In Commands							   bell(n)


bell - Ring a display's bell SYNOPSIS
bell ?-displayof window? ?-nice? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This command rings the bell on the display for window and returns an empty string. If the -displayof option is omitted, the display of the application's main window is used by default. The command uses the current bell-related settings for the display, which may be modified with programs such as xset. If -nice is not specified, this command also resets the screen saver for the screen. Some screen savers will ignore this, but others will reset so that the screen becomes visible again. KEYWORDS
beep, bell, ring Tk 8.4 bell(n)

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XDEVICEBELL(3)															    XDEVICEBELL(3)

XDeviceBell - ring a bell on a device supported through the input extension SYNOPSIS
#include <X11/extensions/XInput.h> Status XDeviceBell( Display *display, XDevice *device, XID feedbackclass, XID feedbackid, int percent); display Specifies the connection to the X server. device Specifies the device with which the bell is associated. feedbackclass Specifies the class of the feedback with which the bell is associated. feedbackid Specifies the id of the feedback with which the bell is associated. percent Specifies the volume in the range -100 to 100 at which the bell should be rung. DESCRIPTION
The XDeviceBell request causes the server to ring a bell on the specified feedback of the specified device, if possible. The specified volume is relative to the base volume for the bell. If an invalid device is specified, a BadDevice error will be returned. The feedbackclass and feedbackid parameters contain values returned by an XGetFeedbackControl request and uniquely identify the bell to ring. If a feedbackclass is specified that does not support a bell, or if a nonexistent feedbackid is specified, or a percent value is specified that is not in the range -100 to 100, a BadValue error will be returned. The volume at which the bell is rung when the percent argument is nonnegative is: base - [(base * percent) / 100] + percent The volume at which the bell rings when the percent argument is negative is: base + [(base * percent) / 100] To change the base volume of the bell, use XChangeFeedbackControl. XDeviceBell can generate a BadDevice or a BadValue error. DIAGNOSTICS
BadDevice An invalid device was specified. The specified device does not exist, or has not been opened by this client via XOpenInputDevice. BadValue An invalid feedbackclass, feedbackid, or percent value was specified. SEE ALSO
XChangeFeedbackControl(3), XBell(3) 03/09/2013 XDEVICEBELL(3)
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