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modlinkage(9s) [centos man page]

modlinkage(9S)						    Data Structures for Drivers 					    modlinkage(9S)

modlinkage - module linkage structure SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/modctl.h> INTERFACE LEVEL
Solaris DDI specific (Solaris DDI) DESCRIPTION
The modlinkage structure is provided by the module writer to the routines that install, remove, and retrieve information from a module. See _init(9E), _fini(9E), and _info(9E). STRUCTURE MEMBERS
int ml_rev void *ml_linkage[4]; ml_rev Is the revision of the loadable modules system. This must have the value MODREV_1 . ml_linkage Is a null-terminated array of pointers to linkage structures. Driver modules have only one linkage structure. SEE ALSO
add_drv(1M), _fini(9E), _info(9E), _init(9E), modldrv(9S), modlstrmod(9S) Writing Device Drivers SunOS 5.10 18 Sep 1992 modlinkage(9S)

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