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struct_tid_ampdu_tx(9) [centos man page]

struct_tid_ampdu_tx - TID aggregation information (Tx). SYNOPSIS
struct tid_ampdu_tx { struct rcu_head rcu_head; struct timer_list session_timer; struct timer_list addba_resp_timer; struct sk_buff_head pending; unsigned long state; unsigned long last_tx; u16 timeout; u8 dialog_token; u8 stop_initiator; bool tx_stop; u8 buf_size; u16 failed_bar_ssn; bool bar_pending; }; MEMBERS
rcu_head rcu head for freeing structure session_timer check if we keep Tx-ing on the TID (by timeout value) addba_resp_timer timer for peer's response to addba request pending pending frames queue -- use sta's spinlock to protect state session state (see above) last_tx jiffies of last tx activity timeout session timeout value to be filled in ADDBA requests dialog_token dialog token for aggregation session stop_initiator initiator of a session stop tx_stop TX DelBA frame when stopping buf_size reorder buffer size at receiver failed_bar_ssn ssn of the last failed BAR tx attempt bar_pending BAR needs to be re-sent DESCRIPTION
This structure's lifetime is managed by RCU, assignments to the array holding it must hold the aggregation mutex. The TX path can access it under RCU lock-free if, and only if, the state has the flag HT_AGG_STATE_OPERATIONAL set. Otherwise, the TX path must also acquire the spinlock and re-check the state, see comments in the tx code touching it. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT TID_AMPDU_TX(9)

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struct_sta_info - STA information SYNOPSIS
struct sta_info { struct list_head list; struct sta_info * hnext; struct ieee80211_local * local; struct ieee80211_sub_if_data * sdata; struct ieee80211_key * key; struct rate_control_ref * rate_ctrl; void * rate_ctrl_priv; spinlock_t lock; spinlock_t flaglock; struct work_struct drv_unblock_wk; u16 listen_interval; bool dead; bool uploaded; u32 flags; struct sk_buff_head ps_tx_buf; struct sk_buff_head tx_filtered; unsigned long rx_packets; unsigned long rx_bytes; unsigned long wep_weak_iv_count; unsigned long last_rx; unsigned long num_duplicates; unsigned long rx_fragments; unsigned long rx_dropped; int last_signal; int last_noise; __le16 last_seq_ctrl[NUM_RX_DATA_QUEUES]; unsigned long tx_filtered_count; unsigned long tx_retry_failed; unsigned long tx_retry_count; unsigned int fail_avg; unsigned long tx_packets; unsigned long tx_bytes; unsigned long tx_fragments; struct ieee80211_tx_rate last_tx_rate; u16 tid_seq[IEEE80211_QOS_CTL_TID_MASK + 1]; struct sta_ampdu_mlme ampdu_mlme; u8 timer_to_tid[STA_TID_NUM]; #ifdef CONFIG_MAC80211_MESH __le16 llid; __le16 plid; __le16 reason; u8 plink_retries; bool ignore_plink_timer; bool plink_timer_was_running; enum plink_state plink_state; u32 plink_timeout; struct timer_list plink_timer; #endif #ifdef CONFIG_MAC80211_DEBUGFS struct sta_info_debugfsdentries debugfs; #endif struct ieee80211_sta sta; }; MEMBERS
list global linked list entry hnext hash table linked list pointer local pointer to the global information sdata virtual interface this station belongs to key peer key negotiated with this station, if any rate_ctrl rate control algorithm reference rate_ctrl_priv rate control private per-STA pointer lock used for locking all fields that require locking, see comments in the header file. flaglock spinlock for flags accesses drv_unblock_wk used for driver PS unblocking listen_interval listen interval of this station, when we're acting as AP dead set to true when sta is unlinked uploaded set to true when sta is uploaded to the driver flags STA flags, see enum ieee80211_sta_info_flags ps_tx_buf buffer of frames to transmit to this station when it leaves power saving state tx_filtered buffer of frames we already tried to transmit but were filtered by hardware due to STA having entered power saving state rx_packets Number of MSDUs received from this STA rx_bytes Number of bytes received from this STA wep_weak_iv_count number of weak WEP IVs received from this station last_rx time (in jiffies) when last frame was received from this STA num_duplicates number of duplicate frames received from this STA rx_fragments number of received MPDUs rx_dropped number of dropped MPDUs from this STA last_signal signal of last received frame from this STA last_noise noise of last received frame from this STA last_seq_ctrl[NUM_RX_DATA_QUEUES] last received seq/frag number from this STA (per RX queue) tx_filtered_count number of frames the hardware filtered for this STA tx_retry_failed number of frames that failed retry tx_retry_count total number of retries for frames to this STA fail_avg moving percentage of failed MSDUs tx_packets number of RX/TX MSDUs tx_bytes number of bytes transmitted to this STA tx_fragments number of transmitted MPDUs last_tx_rate rate used for last transmit, to report to userspace as "the" transmit rate tid_seq[IEEE80211_QOS_CTL_TID_MASK + 1] per-TID sequence numbers for sending to this STA ampdu_mlme A-MPDU state machine state timer_to_tid[STA_TID_NUM] identity mapping to ID timers llid Local link ID plid Peer link ID reason Cancel reason on PLINK_HOLDING state plink_retries Retries in establishment ignore_plink_timer ignore the peer-link timer (used internally) plink_timer_was_running used by suspend/resume to restore timers plink_state peer link state plink_timeout timeout of peer link plink_timer peer link watch timer debugfs debug filesystem info sta station information we share with the driver DESCRIPTION
This structure collects information about a station that mac80211 is communicating with. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2010 STRUCT STA_INFO(9)
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