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struct_station_info(9) [centos man page]

STATION_INFO(9) Actions and configuration STRUCT STATION_INFO(9) NAME
struct_station_info - station information SYNOPSIS
struct station_info { u32 filled; u32 connected_time; u32 inactive_time; u64 rx_bytes; u64 tx_bytes; u16 llid; u16 plid; u8 plink_state; s8 signal; s8 signal_avg; struct rate_info txrate; struct rate_info rxrate; u32 rx_packets; u32 tx_packets; u32 tx_retries; u32 tx_failed; u32 rx_dropped_misc; struct sta_bss_parameters bss_param; struct nl80211_sta_flag_update sta_flags; int generation; const u8 * assoc_req_ies; size_t assoc_req_ies_len; u32 beacon_loss_count; s64 t_offset; enum nl80211_mesh_power_mode local_pm; enum nl80211_mesh_power_mode peer_pm; enum nl80211_mesh_power_mode nonpeer_pm; }; MEMBERS
filled bitflag of flags from enum station_info_flags connected_time time(in secs) since a station is last connected inactive_time time since last station activity (tx/rx) in milliseconds rx_bytes bytes received from this station tx_bytes bytes transmitted to this station llid mesh local link id plid mesh peer link id plink_state mesh peer link state signal The signal strength, type depends on the wiphy's signal_type. For CFG80211_SIGNAL_TYPE_MBM, value is expressed in _dBm_. signal_avg Average signal strength, type depends on the wiphy's signal_type. For CFG80211_SIGNAL_TYPE_MBM, value is expressed in _dBm_. txrate current unicast bitrate from this station rxrate current unicast bitrate to this station rx_packets packets received from this station tx_packets packets transmitted to this station tx_retries cumulative retry counts tx_failed number of failed transmissions (retries exceeded, no ACK) rx_dropped_misc Dropped for un-specified reason. bss_param current BSS parameters sta_flags station flags mask & values generation generation number for nl80211 dumps. This number should increase every time the list of stations changes, i.e. when a station is added or removed, so that userspace can tell whether it got a consistent snapshot. assoc_req_ies IEs from (Re)Association Request. This is used only when in AP mode with drivers that do not use user space MLME/SME implementation. The information is provided for the cfg80211_new_sta calls to notify user space of the IEs. assoc_req_ies_len Length of assoc_req_ies buffer in octets. beacon_loss_count Number of times beacon loss event has triggered. t_offset Time offset of the station relative to this host. local_pm local mesh STA power save mode peer_pm peer mesh STA power save mode nonpeer_pm non-peer mesh STA power save mode DESCRIPTION
Station information filled by driver for get_station and dump_station. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT STATION_INFO(9)

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IEEE80211_STA_I(9) Internals ENUM IEEE80211_STA_I(9) NAME
enum_ieee80211_sta_info_flags - Stations flags SYNOPSIS
WLAN_STA_AUTH Station is authenticated. WLAN_STA_ASSOC Station is associated. WLAN_STA_PS_STA Station is in power-save mode WLAN_STA_AUTHORIZED Station is authorized to send/receive traffic. This bit is always checked so needs to be enabled for all stations when virtual port control is not in use. WLAN_STA_SHORT_PREAMBLE Station is capable of receiving short-preamble frames. WLAN_STA_WME Station is a QoS-STA. WLAN_STA_WDS Station is one of our WDS peers. WLAN_STA_CLEAR_PS_FILT Clear PS filter in hardware (using the IEEE80211_TX_CTL_CLEAR_PS_FILT control flag) when the next frame to this station is transmitted. WLAN_STA_MFP Management frame protection is used with this STA. WLAN_STA_BLOCK_BA Used to deny ADDBA requests (both TX and RX) during suspend/resume and station removal. WLAN_STA_PS_DRIVER driver requires keeping this station in power-save mode logically to flush frames that might still be in the queues WLAN_STA_PSPOLL Station sent PS-poll while driver was keeping station in power-save mode, reply when the driver unblocks. WLAN_STA_TDLS_PEER Station is a TDLS peer. WLAN_STA_TDLS_PEER_AUTH This TDLS peer is authorized to send direct packets. This means the link is enabled. WLAN_STA_UAPSD Station requested unscheduled SP while driver was keeping station in power-save mode, reply when the driver unblocks the station. WLAN_STA_SP Station is in a service period, so don't try to reply to other uAPSD trigger frames or PS-Poll. WLAN_STA_4ADDR_EVENT 4-addr event was already sent for this frame. WLAN_STA_INSERTED This station is inserted into the hash table. WLAN_STA_RATE_CONTROL rate control was initialized for this station. WLAN_STA_TOFFSET_KNOWN toffset calculated for this station is valid. WLAN_STA_MPSP_OWNER local STA is owner of a mesh Peer Service Period. WLAN_STA_MPSP_RECIPIENT local STA is recipient of a MPSP. DESCRIPTION
These flags are used with struct sta_info's flags member, but only indirectly with set_sta_flag and friends. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 ENUM IEEE80211_STA_I(9)
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