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struct_hrtimer(9) [centos man page]

struct_hrtimer - the basic hrtimer structure SYNOPSIS
struct hrtimer { struct timerqueue_node node; ktime_t _softexpires; enum hrtimer_restart (* function) (struct hrtimer *); struct hrtimer_clock_base * base; unsigned long state; #ifdef CONFIG_TIMER_STATS int start_pid; void * start_site; char start_comm[16]; #endif }; MEMBERS
node timerqueue node, which also manages node.expires, the absolute expiry time in the hrtimers internal representation. The time is related to the clock on which the timer is based. Is setup by adding slack to the _softexpires value. For non range timers identical to _softexpires. _softexpires the absolute earliest expiry time of the hrtimer. The time which was given as expiry time when the timer was armed. function timer expiry callback function base pointer to the timer base (per cpu and per clock) state state information (See bit values above) start_pid timer statistics field to store the pid of the task which started the timer start_site timer statistics field to store the site where the timer was started start_comm[16] timer statistics field to store the name of the process which started the timer DESCRIPTION
The hrtimer structure must be initialized by hrtimer_init COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT HRTIMER(9)

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SCHEDULE_HRTIMEOUT_R(9) 					   Driver Basics					   SCHEDULE_HRTIMEOUT_R(9)

schedule_hrtimeout_range - sleep until timeout SYNOPSIS
int __sched schedule_hrtimeout_range(ktime_t * expires, unsigned long delta, const enum hrtimer_mode mode); ARGUMENTS
expires timeout value (ktime_t) delta slack in expires timeout (ktime_t) mode timer mode, HRTIMER_MODE_ABS or HRTIMER_MODE_REL DESCRIPTION
Make the current task sleep until the given expiry time has elapsed. The routine will return immediately unless the current task state has been set (see set_current_state). The delta argument gives the kernel the freedom to schedule the actual wakeup to a time that is both power and performance friendly. The kernel give the normal best effort behavior for "expires+delta", but may decide to fire the timer earlier, but no earlier than expires. You can set the task state as follows - TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE - at least timeout time is guaranteed to pass before the routine returns. TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE - the routine may return early if a signal is delivered to the current task. The current task state is guaranteed to be TASK_RUNNING when this routine returns. Returns 0 when the timer has expired otherwise -EINTR COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 SCHEDULE_HRTIMEOUT_R(9)
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