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struct_cfg80211_beacon_data(9) [centos man page]

CFG80211_BEAC(9) Actions and configuration STRUCT CFG80211_BEAC(9) NAME
struct_cfg80211_beacon_data - beacon data SYNOPSIS
struct cfg80211_beacon_data { const u8 * head; const u8 * tail; const u8 * beacon_ies; const u8 * proberesp_ies; const u8 * assocresp_ies; const u8 * probe_resp; size_t head_len; size_t tail_len; size_t beacon_ies_len; size_t proberesp_ies_len; size_t assocresp_ies_len; size_t probe_resp_len; }; MEMBERS
head head portion of beacon (before TIM IE) or NULL if not changed tail tail portion of beacon (after TIM IE) or NULL if not changed beacon_ies extra information element(s) to add into Beacon frames or NULL proberesp_ies extra information element(s) to add into Probe Response frames or NULL assocresp_ies extra information element(s) to add into (Re)Association Response frames or NULL probe_resp probe response template (AP mode only) head_len length of head tail_len length of tail beacon_ies_len length of beacon_ies in octets proberesp_ies_len length of proberesp_ies in octets assocresp_ies_len length of assocresp_ies in octets probe_resp_len length of probe response template (probe_resp) AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT CFG80211_BEAC(9)

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CFG80211_ASSO(9) Actions and configuration STRUCT CFG80211_ASSO(9) NAME
struct_cfg80211_assoc_request - (Re)Association request data SYNOPSIS
struct cfg80211_assoc_request { struct cfg80211_bss * bss; const u8 * ie; const u8 * prev_bssid; size_t ie_len; struct cfg80211_crypto_settings crypto; bool use_mfp; u32 flags; struct ieee80211_ht_cap ht_capa; struct ieee80211_ht_cap ht_capa_mask; struct ieee80211_vht_cap vht_capa; struct ieee80211_vht_cap vht_capa_mask; }; MEMBERS
bss The BSS to associate with. If the call is successful the driver is given a reference that it must release, normally via a call to cfg80211_send_rx_assoc, or, if association timed out, with a call to cfg80211_put_bss (in addition to calling cfg80211_send_assoc_timeout) ie Extra IEs to add to (Re)Association Request frame or NULL prev_bssid previous BSSID, if not NULL use reassociate frame ie_len Length of ie buffer in octets crypto crypto settings use_mfp Use management frame protection (IEEE 802.11w) in this association flags See enum cfg80211_assoc_req_flags ht_capa HT Capabilities over-rides. Values set in ht_capa_mask will be used in ht_capa. Un-supported values will be ignored. ht_capa_mask The bits of ht_capa which are to be used. vht_capa VHT capability override vht_capa_mask VHT capability mask indicating which fields to use DESCRIPTION
This structure provides information needed to complete IEEE 802.11 (re)association. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT CFG80211_ASSO(9)
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