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pci_create_slot(9) [centos man page]

PCI_CREATE_SLOT(9)						Hardware Interfaces						PCI_CREATE_SLOT(9)

pci_create_slot - create or increment refcount for physical PCI slot SYNOPSIS
struct pci_slot * pci_create_slot(struct pci_bus * parent, int slot_nr, const char * name, struct hotplug_slot * hotplug); ARGUMENTS
parent struct pci_bus of parent bridge slot_nr PCI_SLOT(pci_dev->devfn) or -1 for placeholder name user visible string presented in /sys/bus/pci/slots/<name> hotplug set if caller is hotplug driver, NULL otherwise DESCRIPTION
PCI slots have first class attributes such as address, speed, width, and a struct pci_slot is used to manage them. This interface will either return a new struct pci_slot to the caller, or if the pci_slot already exists, its refcount will be incremented. Slots are uniquely identified by a pci_bus, slot_nr tuple. There are known platforms with broken firmware that assign the same name to multiple slots. Workaround these broken platforms by renaming the slots on behalf of the caller. If firmware assigns name N to MULTIPLE SLOTS
The first slot is assigned N The second slot is assigned N-1 The third slot is assigned N-2 etc. PLACEHOLDER SLOTS
In most cases, pci_bus, slot_nr will be sufficient to uniquely identify a slot. There is one notable exception - pSeries (rpaphp), where the slot_nr cannot be determined until a device is actually inserted into the slot. In this scenario, the caller may pass -1 for slot_nr. The following semantics are imposed when the caller passes slot_nr == -1. First, we no longer check for an existing struct pci_slot, as there may be many slots with slot_nr of -1. The other change in semantics is user-visible, which is the 'address' parameter presented in sysfs will CONSIST SOLELY OF A DDDD
bb tuple, where dddd is the PCI domain of the struct pci_bus and bb is the bus number. In other words, the devfn of the 'placeholder' slot will not be displayed. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 PCI_CREATE_SLOT(9)

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AMTAPE(8)						  System Administration Commands						 AMTAPE(8)

amtape - Control Amanda changers SYNOPSIS
amtape [-o configoption...] config subcommand [subcommand_options...] DESCRIPTION
Amtape is the command-line interface to Amanda's tape changers (amanda-changers(7)) and to the taperscan algorithm (amanda-taperscan(7)). Tape changers maintain a notion of the current slot for each configuration. This may or may not correspond to an actual physical state of the device, but is used by some taperscan algorithms to minimize searching through the slots. Amtape uses the default changer. To use a different changer, use the config override option, e.g., -otpchanger=otherchanger. SUBCOMMANDS
label label Search for and load the Amanda tape with label [label], also setting the current slot. slot slot Load the volume in the given slot, also setting the current slot. The slot names current, next, first, and last have special meaning. current Shorthand for slot current. inventory Show the contents of all slots, based on the changer's cached metadata. This is a quick operation as it does not load or unload any volumes, but is not supported by all changers. show [slots] Show the contents of all slots (or listed slots) by loading each slot and reading its label. This can be very slow. The slots arguments is of the form 1,3-5,7. reset Reset the changer to a known state. This subcommand is intended to clear any unknown and potentially incorrect state the changer may have stored. eject [drive] Eject the tape currently in the drive. This only applies to some changers. Specify a drive (by drive number) if more than one drive is available. clean [drive] If a cleaning tape is defined for the changer, used it to clean the specified drive. The [drive] is optional if the changer only has one drive. taper Run the taperscan algorithm (see amanda-taperscan(7)), displaying information about the progress of the scan. update [what] Update changer state. Consult amanda-changers(7) for changer-specific details on the format of what. -o configoption See the "CONFIGURATION OVERRIDE" section in amanda(8). SEE ALSO
amanda(8), amanda-changers(7), amanda-taperscan(7), amanda-devices(7) The Amanda Wiki: : http://wiki.zmanda.com/ AUTHORS
Dustin J. Mitchell <dustin@zmanda.com> Zmanda, Inc. (http://www.zmanda.com) James da Silva <jds@amanda.org> Stefan G. Weichinger <sgw@amanda.org> Amanda 3.3.1 02/21/2012 AMTAPE(8)
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