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bmap(9) [centos man page]

BMAP(9) 							   The Linux VFS							   BMAP(9)

bmap - find a block number in a file SYNOPSIS
sector_t bmap(struct inode * inode, sector_t block); ARGUMENTS
inode inode of file block block to find DESCRIPTION
Returns the block number on the device holding the inode that is the disk block number for the block of the file requested. That is, asked for block 4 of inode 1 the function will return the disk block relative to the disk start that holds that block of the file. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 BMAP(9)

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JCAT(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   JCAT(1)

jcat - Show the contents of a block in the file system journal. SYNOPSIS
jcat [-f fstype ] [-vV] [-i imgtype] [-o imgoffset] [-b dev_sector_size] image [images] ] [ inode ] jblk DESCRIPTION
jcat shows the contents of a journal block in the file system journal. The inode address of the journal can be given or the default loca- tion will be used. Note that the block address is a journal block address and not a file system block. The raw output is given to STDOUT. ARGUMENTS
-f fstype Specify the file system type. Use '-f list' to list the supported file system types. If not given, autodetection methods are used. -i imgtype Identify the type of image file, such as raw or split. Use '-i list' to list the supported types. If not given, autodetection meth- ods are used. -o imgoffset The sector offset where the file system starts in the image. -b dev_sector_size The size, in bytes, of the underlying device sectors. If not given, the value in the image format is used (if it exists) or 512-bytes is assumed. -V Display version -v verbose output image [images] One (or more if split) disk or partition images whose format is given with '-i'. [inode] The inode where the file system journal can be found. jblk The journal block to display. EXAMPLES
jcat -f linux-ext3 img.dd 34 | xxd AUTHOR
Brian Carrier <carrier at sleuthkit dot org> Send documentation updates to <doc-updates at sleuthkit dot org> JCAT(1)
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