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__bread(9) [centos man page]

__BREAD(9)							   The Linux VFS							__BREAD(9)

__bread - reads a specified block and returns the bh SYNOPSIS
struct buffer_head * __bread(struct block_device * bdev, sector_t block, unsigned size); ARGUMENTS
bdev the block_device to read from block number of block size size (in bytes) to read DESCRIPTION
Reads a specified block, and returns buffer head that contains it. It returns NULL if the block was unreadable. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 __BREAD(9)

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LL_RW_BLOCK(9)							   The Linux VFS						    LL_RW_BLOCK(9)

ll_rw_block - level access to block devices (DEPRECATED) SYNOPSIS
void ll_rw_block(int rw, int nr, struct buffer_head * bhs[]); ARGUMENTS
rw whether to READ or WRITE or SWRITE or maybe READA (readahead) nr number of struct buffer_heads in the array bhs[] array of pointers to struct buffer_head DESCRIPTION
ll_rw_block takes an array of pointers to struct buffer_heads, and requests an I/O operation on them, either a READ or a WRITE. The third SWRITE is like WRITE only we make sure that the *current* data in buffers are sent to disk. The fourth READA option is described in the documentation for generic_make_request which ll_rw_block calls. This function drops any buffer that it cannot get a lock on (with the BH_Lock state bit) unless SWRITE is required, any buffer that appears to be clean when doing a write request, and any buffer that appears to be up-to-date when doing read request. Further it marks as clean buffers that are processed for writing (the buffer cache won't assume that they are actually clean until the buffer gets unlocked). ll_rw_block sets b_end_io to simple completion handler that marks the buffer up-to-date (if approriate), unlocks the buffer and wakes any waiters. All of the buffers must be for the same device, and must also be a multiple of the current approved size for the device. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2010 LL_RW_BLOCK(9)
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