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__BREAD(9)							   The Linux VFS							__BREAD(9)

__bread - reads a specified block and returns the bh SYNOPSIS
struct buffer_head * __bread(struct block_device * bdev, sector_t block, unsigned size); ARGUMENTS
bdev the block_device to read from block number of block size size (in bytes) to read DESCRIPTION
Reads a specified block, and returns buffer head that contains it. It returns NULL if the block was unreadable. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 __BREAD(9)

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PROBE::IOBLOCK_TRACE(3stap)				  IO Scheduler and block IO Taps			       PROBE::IOBLOCK_TRACE(3stap)

probe::ioblock_trace.bounce - Fires whenever a buffer bounce is needed for at least one page of a block IO request. SYNOPSIS
ioblock_trace.bounce VALUES
name - name of the probe point q - request queue on which this bio was queued. devname - device for which a buffer bounce was needed. ino - i-node number of the mapped file bytes_done - number of bytes transferred sector - beginning sector for the entire bio flags - see below BIO_UPTODATE 0 ok after I/O completion BIO_RW_BLOCK 1 RW_AHEAD set, and read/write would block BIO_EOF 2 out-out-bounds error BIO_SEG_VALID 3 nr_hw_seg valid BIO_CLONED 4 doesn't own data BIO_BOUNCED 5 bio is a bounce bio BIO_USER_MAPPED 6 contains user pages BIO_EOPNOTSUPP 7 not supported rw - binary trace for read/write request vcnt - bio vector count which represents number of array element (page, offset, length) which makes up this I/O request idx - offset into the bio vector array phys_segments - number of segments in this bio after physical address coalescing is performed. size - total size in bytes bdev - target block device bdev_contains - points to the device object which contains the partition (when bio structure represents a partition) p_start_sect - points to the start sector of the partition structure of the device CONTEXT
The process creating a block IO request. SystemTap Tapset Reference June 2014 PROBE::IOBLOCK_TRACE(3stap)
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