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Difficulty: Medium
The Smurf attack is a DDOS attack in which large numbers of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets with the intended victim's spoofed source IP are broadcast to a computer network using an IP broadcast address.
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rpc_peeraddr(9) [centos man page]

RPC_PEERADDR(9) 						 Linux Networking						   RPC_PEERADDR(9)

rpc_peeraddr - extract remote peer address from clnt's xprt SYNOPSIS
size_t rpc_peeraddr(struct rpc_clnt * clnt, struct sockaddr * buf, size_t bufsize); ARGUMENTS
clnt RPC client structure buf target buffer bufsize length of target buffer DESCRIPTION
Returns the number of bytes that are actually in the stored address. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 RPC_PEERADDR(9)

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tapset::rpc(3stap)														tapset::rpc(3stap)

tapset::rpc - systemtap rpc tapset DESCRIPTION
sunrpc.clnt.create_client Create an RPC client See probe::sunrpc.clnt.create_client(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.clone_client Clone an RPC client structure See probe::sunrpc.clnt.clone_client(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.shutdown_client Shutdown an RPC client See probe::sunrpc.clnt.shutdown_client(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.bind_new_program Bind a new RPC program to an existing client See probe::sunrpc.clnt.bind_new_program(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.call_sync Make a synchronous RPC call See probe::sunrpc.clnt.call_sync(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.call_async Make an asynchronous RPC call See probe::sunrpc.clnt.call_async(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.restart_call Restart an asynchronous RPC call See probe::sunrpc.clnt.restart_call(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.register Register an RPC service with the local portmapper See probe::sunrpc.svc.register(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.create Create an RPC service See probe::sunrpc.svc.create(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.destroy Destroy an RPC service See probe::sunrpc.svc.destroy(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.process Process an RPC request See probe::sunrpc.svc.process(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.authorise An RPC request is to be authorised See probe::sunrpc.svc.authorise(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.recv Listen for the next RPC request on any socket See probe::sunrpc.svc.recv(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.send Return reply to RPC client See probe::sunrpc.svc.send(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.drop Drop RPC request See probe::sunrpc.svc.drop(3stap) for details. sunrpc.sched.new_task Create new task for the specified client See probe::sunrpc.sched.new_task(3stap) for details. sunrpc.sched.release_task Release all resources associated with a task See probe::sunrpc.sched.release_task(3stap) for details. sunrpc.sched.execute Execute the RPC `scheduler' See probe::sunrpc.sched.execute(3stap) for details. sunrpc.sched.delay Delay an RPC task See probe::sunrpc.sched.delay(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
probe::sunrpc.clnt.create_client(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.clone_client(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.shutdown_client(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.bind_new_program(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.call_sync(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.call_async(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.restart_call(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.register(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.create(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.destroy(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.process(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.authorise(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.recv(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.send(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.drop(3stap), probe::sunrpc.sched.new_task(3stap), probe::sunrpc.sched.release_task(3stap), probe::sunrpc.sched.execute(3stap), probe::sunrpc.sched.delay(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::rpc(3stap)

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